• A Glimpse of the Garden: A Love Of Plants And Plants To Love

    “A Glimpse Of The Garden” is a seasonal miniseries focusing on the heart of a gardener’s work — a special spot, an extraordinary plant, a place of respite, or a place that evokes a heartfelt memory. What is down the garden path of your friends and neighbors? What is down your garden path? This week we meet Barbara O'Connor who, after 39 years of employment with Planter’s Choice in Newtown, has found a sampling of nearly every kind of nursery work, as well as the opportunity to sample of some of the more unusual plants and shrubs gardeners lust after.

  • ‘Seussical’ Being Staged This Weekend

    Seussical: The Musical is set to take the stage at Newtown High School this weekend, with performances on Friday and Saturday, August 9 and 10, at 7 pm, and Saturday and Sunday, August 10 and 11, at 2 pm. Seussical: The Musical, written b...

  • Theater Review: Enjoyable And Entertaining, But Still Sad: ‘Sweet Charity’ At Richter

    In 1957, the waifishly beautiful Italian actress Giulietta Massina starred in the film "Nights of Cabiria," which was written and directed by her husband, Federico Fellini. The movie told the sad tale of a good-hearted and ever hopeful prostitute, who was a who was abused and then abandoned by the men she loved. Nine years later choreographer Bob Fosse conceived the idea of turning the story into a Broadway musical as a vehicle for his own wife, Gwen Verdon. Neil Simon wrote the book , Cy Coleman and Dorothy Fields supplied the songs, and with the role of Cabiria the hooker changed to Charity the Times Square Taxi Dancer, "Sweet Charity" was born. Musicals at Richter is offering the musical as its season finale -- an enjoyable and entertaining, but sad, show.

  • Library Author Talk To Feature Founder Of Nomadicare

    Not everyone has a reindeer to call her own, but Newtown native Sas Carey does, in the northernmost region of Mongolia. Why she was gifted a reindeer is only a small part of the story Ms Carey will share at C.H. Booth Library on Thursday, August 15, at 6:30 pm. She will be at the Main Street location for an author’s talk and slideshow on her book, Reindeer Herders in My Heart, Stories of Healing Journeys in Mongolia (2012, Wren Press, Vermont).

  • Think Kindly, Act Boldly, Give Away Lemonade

    Newtown Kindness was launched in January to encourage, facilitate and recognize the value of kindness. The organization’s signature event is The Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness Awards, the first of which were presented in February in honor of one of the girls killed on 12/14. The group has remained committed to fostering kindness in children, honoring a child who was known for her own regular acts of kindness. This summer the organization is teaching some of the area’s youngest residents that lesson through the simple gesture of giving away lemonade. It is a new twist on the traditional lemonade stand. Instead of accepting money, children are offering free advice along with each cup of lemonade they hand out. Following the Newtown Kindness motto of “Think Kindly, Act Boldly,” children are stepping up and reminding others to just be kind.

  • Kitten Associates Finds Support Through BarkAID Cutathon

    Kansas hairstylist and BarkAID founder Patrick Lomantini rolled into Newtown Tuesday morning, August 6, at 1 am, along with stylists Zachary DiBella of Idaho and Alexis Longworth of Ohio. Seven hours later, the threesome was set up and under way for a 12-hour cutathon at Salon Michele on Queen Street, to benefit the Sandy Hook cat rescue organization, Kitten Associates.

  • A Captain’s Life Is a Woman’s Work

    “Don’t think twice — do it!” That is the advice of Captain Jennifer Brokaw, who in 2011 became the first woman in the past ten years to reach the level of captain in the special mission division at Maersk Line, Limited (MLL), a marine contractor with the Department of Defense. Young women today seeking a career on water should not be afraid to take it on, said the 1995 graduate of Newtown High School. Learning life skills and making friends all over the world are only two reasons that she has made a naval career her career of choice since graduating from the Maine Marine Academy in 1999 with a BS in nautical science.

  • A Special Summer Memory

    Ann Listokin (the former Ann Raynolds) and husband Bob, of Winston-Salem, N.C., stopped into The Newtown Bee offices Thursday, July 25. With her, Ms Listokin had a clipping from The Newtown Bee that she has cherished for more than 70 years. The article includes a photo of Ms Listokin as a young girl, dressed in a grass Hawaiian skirt, with leis about her neck and flowers in her hair. She was dressed, explained Ms Listokin, for a costume party and picnic hosted by the C.H. Booth Library for the ten children who had taken part in the library’s first summer reading program. Known as “The World’s Fair Book Club,” the young Ms Raynolds outread her peers that summer of 1939, consuming 27 books during the summer months, “all fiction books about different countries and cultures,” recalled Ms Listokin, who also carried with her a special photograph book assembled by their daughter for her father’s birthday. Inside the book was the picture of the young Ann Raynolds in her Hawaiian garb.

  • Snapshot: Kevin Cleary

    A weekly profile of a Newtown resident.

  • The Top of the Mountain

    Newtown, from a cat's point of view.