Letters to the Editor

  • Questioning Future Tax Increases For Education

    To the Editor: As we approach a new school year, there are many parents and residents in Newtown who seem to be upset over the fact that the current school budget did include the customary tax increases seen in the past. It is remarkable that we continue t...

  • Search And Rescue Or Invasion Of Privacy?

    To the Editor: I am very glad that the 73-year-old man who went missing Monday morning was found.  I am, however, concerned about the conduct of the search crews. On Monday night just after dusk, I was sitting in my home watchi...

  • Route 34 Troubles Continue

    To the Editor: In almost every week, The Bee reports an accident on Route 34 between Toddy Hill Road and the Monroe line. This past issue had two serious accidents. Due to the extreme number of crevices and raised bumps from pot hole repair the slightest rain causes drivers to lose control as happened this week. The even worse scenario is when drivers swerve into oncoming traffic due to these trouble spots.

  • Summer Jam Concerts Were A Labor Of Love

    To the Editor: It is with pleasure that I write this letter of gratitude to all of those involved with the second season of the Claris Construction Inc. Summer Jam Concert Series. This seven-week, family-oriented concert series was created in 2013 as a pro...

  • 100 Backpacks

    To the Editor: While I have had the great fortune of meeting many of you in person, if I have not please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jack Wellman. I am a 15-year-old sophomore at Newtown High School, and I am a member of the Newtown Lacrosse t...

  • Professionalism and Kindness

    To the Editor: I was recently transported by our ambulance corps due to a very painful kidney stone. The absolute professionalism and amazing kindness displayed by the men and women of the Ambulance Corps is so appreciated by this Sandy Hook resident. ...

  • Letter of Endorsement

    To the Editor: Newtown has been lucky to have John McKinney serve as one of our leaders as our  State Senator.  John is running for Governor in the Republican primary next Tuesday, August 12.  John is a good friend of our community and its p...

  • Edgar Beers’ Gift

    To the Editor: Last week’s Bee carried the obituary of Edgar Beers, an active and long-time supporter of many Newtown organizations. I had the privilege of serving with Edgar on the Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers and, what few people know, is that shortly before his retirement, he made an important gift to the Edmond Town Hall.

  • Does The Town Offer No Protection Against Dog Attacks?

    To the Editor: On December 4th, 2013, my spouse and I were walking our two dogs – a senior yellow Lab and a younger terrier – around the block in our Dodgingtown neighborhood (on leash, of course) as we do every morning. Out of the blue, we were charged by a medium-sized black dog who bolted out into the street; he attacked our terrier first, and when we were able to pry him off, turned his attention to our yellow Lab. He latched on to our Lab's neck; thankfully, her substantial girth prevented any damage. However, the dog had bitten our terrier, who required medical attention at the Newtown Emergency Vet practice later that day.

  • Good Eggs

    To the Editor: We would like to thank Mike McCarthy and Ray Corbo of Newtown Hook and Ladder Company for generously donating their time to the children enrolled in the Design It, Build It, Launch It Workshop. The children, under the guidance of Rick Lowry, created cushioned crates to encapsulate a raw egg which is dropped from a height, hopefully without breaking the enclosed egg. Mike and Ray coordinated the drop using the ladder truck extended to 90 feet.