Letters to the Editor

  • Fact-Driven Common Sense

    To the Editor: I would like to thank the voters in District 3 for reelecting me to the Legislative Council. I would also like to thank all those who supported my positive campaign in any way.

  • Investigations Are Long Overdue

    To the Editor: At the time of this writing, an investigation unanimously supported by the Board of Education may be on hold, pending further discussion.  The investigation was triggered when a confidential BOE email and a text were leaked and then posted on Facebook. I encourag...

  • Tip Of A Dangerous Iceberg

    To the Editor: For any of us who have served as elected officials, there have been times when we have borne witness to things that might call to question whether there is a public need to know that outweighs procedural protocols and safeguards. In the years of my service as an elected official, I sometimes found myself conflicted and sought guidance from Hartford and others with expertise in the applications of policy and procedure.

  • Keep Newtown's Halloween Authentic

    To the Editor: There is nothing quite as authentic as Halloween on Newtown's charmingly bucolic Main Street. The way residents spookily garland their homes, the care with which families conceive and construct their costumes, the generous dispatch of candy – all of it speaks of community. It is a genuine coming-together of a special town.

  • Local Officials Still Don’t Get FOI

    On Tuesday October 27th a meeting notice was posted on the Newtown web site and also distributed by email to residents. The email posted an agenda for a Board of Selectman special meeting to be held on October 28th at 7 pm. The agenda was: Executive Session – Legal Pending Litigation. The agenda was signed E. Patricia Llodra.

  • Squeezed Out Of A Wetlands Hearing

    To the Editor: I would like to comment on the lovely space we had for the wetlands meeting [October 28].  This meet-ing was for the proposed development in Hawleyville for the church, diner and apartments. I guess the powers-that-be determined that this meeting would not be wel...

  • Looking At All The Angles

    To the Editor: At the last election the voters took a chance on a young candidate for the Legislative Council advocating for fresh perspective, an open-minded approach to problem solving, creative ways to look at costs and speaking to oversight and feed back as part of our responsibilities.

  • Raising Children With Core Values

    To the Editor: One chance… that is how many times our children will have to go through our school system. First grade, seventh grade, tenth grade – each and every grade level is impactful to a child’s intellectual and emotional development. As parents, educators, community members we have one chance to give our children the best education possible at every grade level. If elected to the Board of Education I will make it our challenge to get it right the first and only chance we have.

  • Working Together

    To the Editor: My name is Jim Filan and I’m seeking reelection to the Board of Finance. I’ve lived in Newtown for 18 years and I’ve had the honor of serving on the board since September 2013. Since I joined the board we’ve lowered taxes while maintaining the quality of our schools and improved our town infrastructure.

  • Support For The School Board’s Investigation

    To the Editor: Below is a letter that I sent to our first selectwoman today.