Letters to the Editor

  • The 25th Annual Hospice Breakfast

    To the Editor: June 11, 2014 was an extremely proud day for Newtown in that we held our 25th Annual  Summer Breakfast at the Waterview on behalf of the Newtown Chapter of Regional Hospice and Home Care.

  • Newtown’s Disintegrating Roads

    To the Editor: This is a letter to the editor and our town officials. While I appreciate that the town has found a new method to control speeding on our roads and saving money on road grating by letting our roads disintegrate to the point where grating won't be required, the situation has become dangerous. People swerve to miss the craters in our roads creating unsafe driving conditions. Tire blow outs also create a dangerous situation in that you suddenly lose control of your car (my daughter had a blowout this past week).

  • Responding To The Call

    To the Editor: We want to compliment the Newtown streets department for the excellent service received today.

  • Lost, Found, and Reaffirmation

    To the Editor, I had a memorable 4th; I lost my wallet at Stop and Shop in Sand Hill Plaza. It was found and turned into the office; what a wonderful day to have one's faith in human nature reaffirmed!

  • Food Bank Grateful For Support

    To the Editor: Our hearts are overflowing with thanks to Rich Marcuccio, Stop & Shop Store Manager and to Chris Sferruzzo, co-organizer and Newtown resident. We also want to thank the many local organizations and individuals who contributed to the phenomenal success of the car show fund raiser and raffle held at Stop & Shop on June 14 for FAITH Food Pantry..

  • Many Made The House and Garden Tour A Success

    To the Editor: The Newtown Historical Society would like to express our sincere appreciation to all of the homeowners, committee members, volunteers, sponsors, and residents for their participation in our 18th annual House and Garden Tour T.his year’s ticketholders supported our hometown museum by touring the exquisite properties located in Newtown’s historic district. We are grateful for the community’s support of our organization by attending this annual fundraiser.

  • Guided By Kindness

    To the Editor: Thank you to the lovely young woman and her two patient children whom I asked for help. I drove down Hanover Road looking for a way to The Villa and ended at the shore of a lake. This Good Samaritan family led me to The Boulevard, Church Hil...

  • Cat Food Drive Support Appreciated

    To The Editor: The Animal Center of Newtown would like to thank Jeremiah Gentry, manager of Caraluzzi's, for hosting our recent cat food drive at the Newtown store. The need for food is ongoing, and we appreciate the generosity of C...

  • Helping NHS Students Explore Careers

    To the Editor: As summer 2014 gets into full swing, the College/Career Center at Newtown High School would like to express how grateful we are to all the individuals, businesses and community organizations that make it possible for high school students to explore careers. We acknowledge the time and effort it takes to provide quality career experiences for students and are thankful to live and work in a community that strives to make a difference in the lives of our youth.

  • Our Volunteers Are Protecting Us … Who’s Protecting Them?

    To the Editor: Our town is blessed with five volunteer fire departments, as well as a volunteer ambulance and a volunteer dive team. Some of you may not realize that these volunteers are on call 24/7 . When you need them, they are there at the scene of an accident, at your home, responding to fires, medical emergencies and water rescues, among other scenarios. At a time when you are most likely in the most vulnerable, stressed and emotional state, they are calmly and efficiently at your side.