Letters to the Editor

  • Something Beautiful

    To the Editor: On Thursday, January 30th, I attended the "Say Something Beautiful" assembly at Newtown High School. The program, for the freshman and sophomores, was meant to help foster a more caring high school community. Through an authentic and interactive forum, speaker Traciana Graves afforded students something they rarely get: an opportunity to have their innermost voices “heard” within a safe and uniquely supportive environment of peers. That Ms Graves was able to cultivate this in a room of over 700 students was remarkable.

  • Recharged By Newtown’s Kindness

    To the Editor: Another example of why it’s “Nicer in Newtown.” After a wonderful meal last Saturday night with two of my favorite friends at Toro, my car had a dead battery. I assured my friends it was no problem, I have AAA and they respond from the Sugar Street gas station, usually within 10 minutes or so (they are awesome with service as well). I went back into the restaurant and told the hostess I would be in the lobby waiting for AAA. She immediately offered to find someone employed there with jumper cables, which she did, saving me even a brief wait for AAA.

  • Going Solar Feels Like The Right Thing To Do

    To the Editor: Why did I go solar? 1. Is it because I am an old hippie? (I did attend the very first Earth Day in April, 1970 as a college freshman so maybe.) 2. Is it because I am a science teacher and feel that the US is not utilizing all its options for meeting its energy demands? (As of 2012, only 0.22 percent of US energy needs is being met by photo-voltaic (PV) solar installations, compared to 2 percent of the European Union’s energy demands and to 1 percent of the world’s energy demands).

  • A Parking Free-For-All

    To the Editor: In most parking lots for businesses, a brightly painted area of diagonal yellow lines indicates a no parking area. In Newtown, it serves as an area to park.....at least in the Big Y shopping center, adjacent to Dunkin Donuts and Salon Michelle.

  • Snow Angel

    To the Editor: After clearing my driveway, shoveling walks and clearing snow off the car, what was left was the three feet of snow at the foot of the driveway and at least that far into the street. As the rain came in, I headed indoors for a much needed break and the hopes the rain will stop before we lost daylight.

  • Things Have Changed Since 2010

    To the Editor: In the January 17 issue of The Bee, there was an article on the Horse and Dog news page entitled, “Saddle Up for Life Program Offered Through Horse Guard.” It caught my eye because I wrote it. It first appeared in The Bee on May 11, 2007; then on March 18, 2008; March 27, 2009 and March 19, 2010. The January 17 article paraphrased my previous articles, but things have changed since I left in 2010, and now this article has many inaccuracies.

  • A Week Of Prayer For Christian Unity

    To the Editor: The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, celebrated from January 18 – 25, has just passed. May I share its roots that we, here in Newtown, might reflect upon its purpose? Jesus the Christ prayed: “As You (the Father) sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world that they may be one as we are one.” That all may be one! What a magnificent hope for all people!

  • Stats Show Queen St. Speed Bumps Diverted Traffic… But Where?

    To the Editor: I have been alerting Newtown residents for years that the objective of Queen Street residents was, in addition to speed control, significant traffic reduction. However when the Police Commission installed two, then three, and then five speed bumps the public was lead to believe that traffic diversion and reduction wasn’t significant. Now under the Freedom of Information Act we have learned the opposite. Traffic on Queen Street has been diverted by almost 1,800 vehicles per day.

  • Penance and Guns

    To the Editor: On January 25 my seven-year-old daughter made her first penance with her second grade classmates at St. Rose of Lima Church. I couldn't help but think, looking out at the scores of families assembled, that there were children who were not in attendance because of the December 2012 rampage at Sandy Hook School. Children who died that awful day should have been with us, sitting in the St. Rose pews, making funny faces at each other and listening to Father Bob's amusing recollections of his childhood. I pray for this community every day; I also pray for our country. I pray for the people who feel their Second Amendment rights somehow trump the rights of the majority of us to enjoy our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  • Some Disturbing Trends In Gun Violence

    To the Editor: There were a few things that caught my eye this past week. The first was Barbara Richardson’s letter [“Assault Weapons: The Eyes Of The Beholders,” Letter Hive, 1-24-14] concerning the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the gun industry’s marketing of semi-automatic versions of military type assault weapons. Her contention is that by the industry’s re-branding them as Modern Sporting Rifles these weapons can be portrayed as more socially acceptable, and concerns about access to them are exaggerated. But as she points out, access to guns by individuals prone to violence is a very serious problem, and the gun industry’s marketing techniques tip the scales in favor of sales over violence prevention.