Letters to the Editor

  • A Job Well Done

    To the Editor: I want to publicity thank the Newtown Public Works management and site personnel for the great job they did in removing dead limbs from trees on Adahi Trail. The professional atmosphere and attitude was noted. Thank you for a job well done.

  • Finding A Place On The Gun Issue

    To The Editor: I have been sitting on the sidelines since 12/14 trying to figure out where my place is regarding the gun issue. On May 8th I attended a meeting for Moms Demand Action which is working in partnership with Mayors Against Illegal Guns under th...

  • In Appreciation Of Jazz Band Directors

    To the Editor, On behalf of all students in any of the four Newtown Public Schools Jazz Bands, I would like to thank all of our Jazz Band Directors. The directors of the Reed Jazz Ensemble are Phillip Beierle and Robert Nolte. The director of the Newtown M...

  • An Overwhelming Response For Spring Donation Day

    To the Editor: The volunteers from the Friends of C.H. Booth Library held their usual Spring Donation Day event on Sunday, May 4. It was a pleasure to spend the gorgeous spring day greeting so many generous townspeople bringing boxes, bags, and trunk loads of books, CDs, DVDs, books on CD, records, and puzzles for donation.

  • A State Budget That Lacks Credibility

    To the Editor: I am more than a little disappointed by the just passed, revised state budget and can’t wait to get back out into the district to show Newtown’s taxpayers some of the gimmicks and landmines that worry me most. Ultimately, we’ve again managed to spend more than we will take in. In just the past few days, we have seen $462 million in anticipated surplus revenues “evaporate” because of a big shortfall in income tax and sales tax revenue. On Saturday, the majority party invented $75 million of unverifiable “miscellaneous” revenue (yes, that’s how it’s identified in the budget) to “balance” a shortfall all of us Connecticut residents are left with.

  • The Embodiment Of A Volunteer

    To the Editor: “The heart of a volunteer is not measured in the size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.” —DeAnn Hollis Surely, Anna Wiedemann embodies that definition. Anna is to be the recipient of the Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey Award on May 15. I am unable to attend so I would like to offer my congratulations and say a bit about the Anna I know.

  • Timely Help For The Town And Country Club

    To the Editor::  On behalf of The Town and Country Club of Newtown, I would like to extend the thanks of all the members to Fred Hurley, head of public works, and Ron Bolmer, project manager, and everyone else who was involved in completing the projec...

  • Senior Tax Breaks Should Continue To Be Based On Need

    To the Editor: The Legislative Council is considering amending Newtown’s senior tax relief program. According to the Chairman of the Board of Finance Newtown has one of the more generous programs in the state. I am in support of our senior tax relief...

  • Concert Celebrates ‘The Music Of The Night’

    To The Editor: The Newtown Choral Society played to an enthusiastic crowd as we presented our spring concert, “The Music of the Night,” last Sunday at The Meeting House.  Presenting 14 examples of composers reflecti...

  • The Next Steps Following The Budget Approval

    To The Editor: I’d like to thank everyone involved in working together this year on preparing, advocating for and voting for the budget. We saw an unprecedented amount of cooperation resulting in a budget that was appealing to a wide margin of the vo...