Letters to the Editor

  • Voting No, But Favoring More Security

    To the Editor: I set up a blog for anonymous posts for comments on why people voted No since there are so many nuances this time. There's a new group of No voters (post 12/14/12), and the articles assuming we voted No on increased security cannot be further from the truth! Our PTA voted 33 to 0 in favor of two armed guards at our elementary school, for obvious reasons. When I volunteer at the school, the police officer is on the playground in back of the school, while the person near the front door is armed only with a smile, ready to take the first couple of bullets if anything happened. This isn't adequate security.

  • Don’t Forget Dan Carter & Vote

    To the Editor: The Sandy hook massacre may be off the front pages, but I would like to remind the voters of Newtown that of our four local legislators, only Dan Carter, Republican, Second District, voted No against the excellent gun control law Connecticut legislators and Governor Malloy signed into law.

  • Police Reports Are Outdated And Often Cruel

    To the Editor. I have subscribed to The Bee for the past 15 years; during this time, your content has challenged readers like me to become better people. In the past, you have asked us to be kinder and to become better citizens of this great town. Your editorials have asked us to think differently and inspired me to make change. Now, I would like to challenge you. I see no need for the weekly Police Reports column in The Bee. To me, this column only adds shame and embarrassment to people who are already suffering. It calls public attention to private matters, and in doing so, hurts family members, children and spouses of people who have made mistakes.

  • Acts Of Kindness From Wisconsin

    To the Editor: My daughter, Ariana Pensy, is one of the first recipients of the Charlotte Bacon Acts of Kindness Award awarded by Newtown Kindness. We had the amazing honor of being invited to the awards ceremony in February when we traveled to Newtown from Wisconsin. The awards ceremony was held at The Newtown Healing Art Space. It is a beautiful space; we also spent extended time there the day after the awards ceremony.

  • The Problem With Socialism

    To the Editor: The Founder’s Washington, Madison, and Jefferson’s views of “Individual Rights” is similar to those of Dr Ben Carson, who recently wrote, American the Beautiful, a New York Times bestseller. Contrast...

  • Amend The Second Amendment

    To the Editor: President Obama had it right when he responded to the defeat of the proposed law to require a background check on anybody anywhere to purchase weapons as “Washington’s

  • Do Asbestos Work When School Is Not In Session

    To the Editor: The following message has been sent to the Board of Education and I am awaiting a full reply regarding action. Students and teachers will be safe during asbestos removal only if school is not in session. To the Board of Education: I have a deep concern about the Hawley School boiler replacement project taking place while school is in session. I have a child in first grade there, and while I know safety protocols will be followed, there cannot be a 100 percent guarantee that asbestos will not leak into the air no matter how well the boiler room is sealed off. Even though daily checks on air quality will be followed, and an immediate shutdown would occur in case of a leak, there is a risk to our young children and to teachers. If one child, or one teacher, is affected, that is one too many.

  • Superintendent’s Recent Award Has Silver Lining

    To the Editor: Last week you reported that Superintendent of Schools Robinson received the Outstanding Superintendent Aw...

  • A Cautionary Tale

    To the Editor: This letter is being sent to share our experiences with fellow Newtowners so that perhaps they can be more prepared than we were when my husband was being discharged from Danbury Hospital for rehabilitation after surgery. We had chosen a wel...

  • Every Vote Does Count

    To the Editor: It is with great disappointment that I reflect on the first failed round of the referendum vote. After personally attending countless Board meetings again this year and listening to the discussions once again about the state of our schools, ...