Letters to the Editor

  • Zoners Should Reject Castle Hill Cluster Housing

    Despite a Febuary 22nd article in The Bee [“Cluster Housing Complex Proposed For Castle Hill], it just came to my attention today (3/5/13) that 136 acres of “meadows forest, and shore line frontage on Taunton Lake” open space is set to be put to sale on the open market. A developer wants to builder “cluster housing” in this area.

  • A Call For Leadership On Gun Laws

    Dear Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, After more than two and a half months, our community is still reeling from the tragic loss of 26 innocent lives. December 14th has forever changed our town, our state and our country. If something like this can happen in Sandy Hook, then it can happen anywhere in this nation.

  • Thank You To Common Sense Gun Owners

    To the Editor: Thank you to gun owners who understand and agree on how common sense gun violence control laws will help protect innocent people without infringing upon their rights to own a gun. However, I am disappointed when others use fragmented information to blindside citizens into believing that gun violence control does not work.

  • Find Another Use For Castle Hill Property

    To the Editor: I just read Andrew Gorosko’s article, “Cluster Housing Complex Proposed For Castle Hill” [The Bee, 2/22/13] and I have to say, I’m shocked and dismayed that this could possibly happen in this community. One of the main considerations in moving my family to Newtown was the obvious appreciation of open space and less development in general – even at the expense of paying higher taxes.

  • Our Nanny State

    To the Editor: I would like to publicly thank those public officials and faceless bureaucrats for all the work they’ve accomplished over the decades creating such a cozy, safe, ubiquitous nanny state for all Americans to stay in. Sort of like a kennel where you can keep your dog safely. How did Americans survive and dare I say thrive for 200 years without the good graces of our benevolent leaders of today.

  • So Soon Forgotten

    To the Editor: The First Lady's appearance at the Oscars was a very good opportunity to send a message about violence in the movies. How quickly she forgot the reason for her husband's trip to Newtown in December.

  • Second Amendment Limits? Be Careful What You Ask For

    To the Editor, I think we need to stop blaming inanimate objects. There is not a gun violence problem, there is a violence problem. Has anyone not seen the violent twitter posts, and news reports or YouTube clips showing “Flashmobs” assaulting people, damaging or stealing property? Even this violence is just a symptom. The actual problem is our society and culture. We have stopped teaching right and wrong: instead we’ve been taught we can’t judge another’s behavior.

  • Preserving The Intangibles

    To the Editor: A recent article in The Bee [“Cluster Housing Complex Proposed for Castle Hill,” 2/22/13] shed light on a proposed housing complex to be constructed in the borough, situated throughout 136 acres on Castle Hill Road. This area in the center of town, with its views, charm, and rural feel, in my opinion, is everyone's “collective backyard.” We are a large town geographically, but a small town in character and feel. The center of our town is where many of our children trick or treat, where we light our town Christmas tree, and walk side by side in our labor day parade.

  • Forced Behavioral Assessments Is A Step Too Far

    To the Editor: As a Newtown mother, I have come across e-mails warning me of multiple pieces of proposed legislation being presented in our state at this time. What shocks me most of all is the fact that they affect all public and home school families, yet...

  • Castle Hill Housing Plan Is Out Of Character For Newtown

    To the Editor: A recent article in The Newtown Bee [“Cluster Housing Complex Proposed For Castle Hill,” 2/22/13] discussed a proposed new “cluster housing development,” the largest in Newtown “in over a decade.” The prospect of adding 136 homes, virtually in the center of town, seems to be a remarkably bad idea. A development of this size will put significant pressure on the town’s infrastructure, add congestion and further erode our limited open space.