Letters to the Editor

  • Democracy And Technology

    To the Editor: Internet voting is now used in some of our Western world democracies. This mode of voting is not exclusive, but in addition to conventional ballot casting and absentee ballots. Internet voting adds flexibility in our ever increasingly complex lives and should results in higher voting participation.

  • Food Drive Filled The Shelves

    To the Editor: On behalf of Newtown Social Services and the Salvation Army Food Pantry, we would like to thank all the volunteers that donated their time to organizing and manning the annual Postal Workers' Food Drive this past Saturday. In addition to those who volunteered to be drivers and sorters, we were for-tunate this year to have help from the staff of Big Y Supermarket as well as the Newtown High School Football Team which helped the process move quickly and efficiently. A special thanks to the postal workers who took the time to collect food while out on their busy delivery routes.

  • Corruption And Tyranny

    To the Editor: Last week President Obama gave the commencement speech at Ohio State University where he attacked those who said governments were capable of tyranny. Sorry, but President Obama was wrong! History has shown “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!” That has been known for centuries and was the premise of our Founders, and still is observable today.

  • An Improbable Shot On Split Rock Road

    To the Editor: We have a well-organized group from Split Rock Road using 12/14 to take away our right to target shoot on our own property. A roofer was allegedly shot in that neighborhood by a stray bullet. That sounded odd so I investigated. I quote the police report:

  • A Good Doctor Departs

    To the Editor: One time, I had the misfortune of going to a doctor who looked everywhere but at me – even when he or I were talking. Later, another doctor told me this was a purposeful modus operandi. The less this doctor looked at the patient, the less chance that the patient would ask any questions. The goal was to get the person in and out of the room as quickly as possible. Then there was the doctor who was so belligerent, when asking her a question I was afraid I'd be leaving in worst condition than when arriving.

  • Where The Fun Stuff Happens

    To the Editor: Driving by Healing Newtown Arts space today my four-year-old daughter exclaimed “There's the Arts space Mommy! That's where I get to do really fun stuff that I love!” I am writing this in the hopes that many people will read this and share with others. As many of you already know Newtown Healing Arts current space will soon be unavailable to them and they are hoping for a generous donation of space to further the wonderful work they have done within our community.

  • Vote When It Matters The Most

    To the Editor: After 12/14, Newtown was the closest, most kind, loving and generous community. That has helped my family and other families to begin the healing process, but now we are in the dreaded and divisive budget season. Security is a topic that I have thought about endlessly. On 12/13, I would not have thought security was necessary. While the chance of the tragedy happening at all in Sandy Hook was minute, it happened. And while the chance of it happening again is also minute, we can’t say it won’t happen.

  • Don’t Forget The Postal Food Drive

    To the Editor: The Annual Postal Food Drive will be held on Saturday, May 11th. This drive is the major supplier of food to the Newtown Salvation Army Food Pantry that is located in the office of Newtown Social Services. There are several ways that you and your children (12 and older) can help that day.

  • Saying Goodbye To The Sandy Hook School Building

    To the Editor: Sandy Hook School is a part of our history, a part of our lives. My own family roamed those halls for 14 years. Whether we decide to massively renovate it, or tear it down, I have a request. Can we set aside a day when we can have one last walk-through?

  • ‘Blame Game’ Is An Irrelevant Distraction In Gun Debates

    To the Editor: Recently, a friend sent a Facebook link from the Washington Examiner entitled: “Obama Should Blame Tea Party, Not NRA, For Gun Control Defeat.” He asked for my opinion. I thought about it for a while before I responded because I wanted to be precise. I was grateful for both the article, and for the solicitation of my feelings. My own thoughts became more clarified as I wrote the following (slightly edited) response: