Letters to the Editor

  • Should Supreme Court Justices Be Elected?

    To the Editor: The Supreme Court is the only branch of government that is not an elected body. Should it be? Should justice be political – ideological? Are court appointments disenfranchising voters? Would elections affect the quality of the court and the decisions rendered? Does political posturing of the Court affect decisions made? Should the Court have an odd or even number of members?

  • Overdue Recognition

    To the Editor: In last week’s issue, The Bee took note of the short ceremony conducted August 15 to honor the keepers of our iconic flagpole, but failed to mention the extent of their decades of quiet and faithful service to our town. It is truly remarkable. Huge credit is due to retired Newtown Police Lt. David Lydem, our town’s flagkeeper, a volunteer position in which he has served since 1983 – 30 years of service. (But actually, Lt. Lydem originally began duties raising and lowering the flag when he joined the police force in 1967.)

  • Concerned By Library Director’s Behavior

    To The Editor: Concerned about the happenings at Booth Library since Director Shawn Fields took over on July 1st, I attended the library focus group session on August 24th. Unfortunately, I came away with additional concerns. I am deeply concerned about the work environment of the staff. I am perplexed and disappointed about losing Andrea Zimmermann from that staff. And I certainly don't think making big changes when brand-spanking new to a job shows much wisdom.

  • Jim Crow Comes To Newtown

    To the Editor: Remember “Jim Crow?”  It was a term used to describe post Civil War laws and ordinances that enabled racial discrimination and segregation, in flagrant violation of the Constitution.  Well Jim Crow has found a new home ...

  • Rubbing Salt In Raw Wounds

    To the Editor: Thought I could maybe help out Lou Carpenter [“The Holster On My Hip,” Letter Hive, 8/23/13] and others confused about why many of us in Newtown/Sandy Hook might get very upset seeing them open-carry their weapons around town. I realize that some of these people might have their heart in the right place and truly may not understand.

  • A Need For Patient, Considerate Leadership At The Library

    To the Editor: A former C.H. Booth employee, longtime Booth patron and current practicing librarian, I was delighted to witness so many people turn out to discuss the library’s future at the August 24th focus group meeting. During the 90-minute session, many of the 30-plus people present spoke passionately about the library’s importance to our community and the need for patient, considerate leadership. Patron comments made it apparent that new director Shawn Fields has invited widespread criticism by reportedly making and proposing hasty, ill-advised changes to library personnel and facilities. Numerous people in attendance repeatedly urged Mr. Fields to slow down and listen attentively to library staff and the Newtown community before implementing further changes.

  • Was This Mary Hawley’s Vision?

    To the Editor: For the 20-plus years that I have lived in Newtown, I have always considered the C. H. Booth Library “the happiest place in town.” A special place to get away from the tedium of every day life and meet kind, considerate people always ready with a smile and helpful hand. Even after the bleakest day in our town's history, the Booth Library provided friendly respite from the realities of the outside world.

  • Creating Hope

    To the Editor: At Hearts of Hope, our mission is simple: creating and distributing beautiful handmade clay hearts with messages of hope to people in need. Since its inception in 2005, more than 38,000 keepsake hearts have been made and delivered to individuals nationwide. This includes patients facing cancer and other life-limiting illnesses, men and women serving in the military, and communities who have experienced unspeakable tragedy.

  • Reckless Disregard For Traffic Safety

    To the Editor: As a long-time resident of Newtown, there are many topics on which I could opine, but the one most on my mind now is traffic safety as students from K to 12 return to school. I am reminded, almost daily, of the reckless disregard for drivers using not only our state roads like Routes 25, 302, and 34, but local roads such as the road I live on, Juniper Road, and Elm Drive.

  • Many Rose To The Reading Challenge

    To the Editor: The Teen Summer Reading Challenge for grades 6–12 at C.H. Booth Library has just ended, and it was a great success. Over 70 young people participated, reading 327 books, for a total of 93,562 pages!