Al’s Trail Is Not Suitable For Bicycles

To the Editor:

The recent Bee article describing the Bike Friendly Newtown initiative suggested that some meeting participants feel that Al's Trail is a 12-mile trail suitable for bicycle use.

The Conservation Commission supports the conservation and enjoyment of Newtown's great outdoors. Al's Trail is overseen by the Newtown Conservation Commission with help from active local citizens and the Parks and Recreation Department.  However, Al's Trail was not planned, designed, or built as a bicycle trail and most sections are not suitable for use by bicycles.  Erosion, walking trail damage, and damage to tree roots and plant life would be the unfortunate result.  Please do not use Al's Trail as a bicycle path.

Thanks to all,

Joe Hovious

Newtown Conservation Commission

Town of Newtown

3 Primrose Street, Newtown                        May 15, 2013

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