Ambulance Garage Walls, Frame Going Up

Clerk of the Works Brian Feeney tightened his hard hat. He and Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps member Stuart Rieve entered a construction site filled with heavy machinery, scaffolding, the beginnings of concrete walls, and steel framework outlining what will be a new $4.5 million ambulance garage and facility for corps members. The project is being funded by the Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Association.

Also the Building Committee Chair, Mr Rieve was pleased to see the progress. With the steel in place as of Tuesday, November 5, and the concrete blockwork ongoing, Mr Feeney said the roadbase for the driveway is going in. The entrance leads to Wasserman Way from the front of the new building, which faces Reed Intermediate School.

With “perfect” weather and no rainfall, crews are about two weeks ahead of schedule.

Companies at work Wednesday morning included Depursia Masonry and IBC Carpentry. Nosal Builders is the general contactor.

Mr Rieve was “excited” to see the flurry of work under way. Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps board member Bruce Herring had also noted earlier this week that he is pleased with the progress.

Approaching the site minutes later was Public Works Director Fred Hurley who noted, “People will drop their jaws when they see it go up; it’s going to look terrific.

A $4.5 million, two-story, six-bay ambulance facility is under construction at Fairfield Hills. According to Newtown-ambulance.org, “With 70 members and an annual 9-1-1 call volume of over 2200, NVAC has outgrown the facility it has occupied since 1972.

“The design has taken into consideration the need for increased integration with other Newtown-based health and wellness organizations, with a second floor devoted to education. Features of the building include: individual crew-member bunk rooms, office space for the Executive Board and the Association, six garage bays, and technologically advanced electronic and security systems. This building will include a large training room to facilitate increased community educational opportunities such as CPR and AED training, First-Aid, and Scout merit badges. It will also provide space for equipment storage and training for Emergency Medical Technician classes, which are imperative  for the continuity of an all-volunteer corps.

“Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps has been serving the community since 1941 and is committed to providing coverage of emergency medical needs for the long-term. As the population grows and the demand for service increases, so do the needs of the organization.”

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