Another Great Greens Sale

To the Editor:

The Garden Club of Newtown would like to thank all our friends and neighbors who came and supported our annual Holiday Greens Sale Fundraiser held on Saturday, December 7th.  We would also like to thank Sherry Paisley, manager of the Meeting House for use of the meeting room for our workshop days and the beautiful chapel to showcase our sale items. Thanks also go to Caraluzzi’s Market for providing us with materials to decorate for the event. And last but not least, The Newtown Bee staff who always write wonderful articles about our workshops and the items we create for the sale.

The Holiday Greens Sale is the major fundraiser for the Garden Club which contributes to the Newtown community in many ways such as supporting the Newtown Scholarship Association, the Newtown Fund, Newtown Forest Association, and the Faith Food Pantry. The Club participates in the Victory Garden which benefits all Newtown’s food pantries and also maintains several gardens around Town including the historic Curtiss House dooryard garden and the Veterans Blue Star Memorial.

Happy Holidays,

Kathy Williams and Holly Kocet


The Garden Club of Newtown

3 Obtuse Road, Newtown                   December 9, 2013

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