The Best Option For Sandy Hook School

To the Editor:

I would like to encourage all Newtown residents cast a ballot for the Sandy Hook School appropriation referendum being held this Saturday at the Newtown Middle School. For those who cannot vote Saturday, absentee ballots are available at the town clerk’s office. 

The question on the ballot is one that I strongly endorse.   As a member of the Sandy Hook School Task Force, I was one of 28 elected officials to review an exhaustive list of options for the future of the Sandy Hook School.  By far, no option is better suited than the plan to rebuild on the existing property.  Pat Llodra tirelessly worked with elected state officials including Governor Malloy, Senator McKinney, Representatives Bolinsky, Hovey and Carter to bring the town to this referendum.  Newtown was promised early in those dark days following the tragedy of December 14 that the state would assist us in this long, arduous recovery.   The General Assembly made good on that promise last June when they set aside $50 million for a new Sandy Hook School in the state bond package.  

Should the referendum fail Saturday, Newtown will lose a school and public building that could be used for other municipal needs such as a new senior center or a community center should Newtown no longer needs seven schools.  Building a school now brings our Sandy Hook students back to Newtown before our lease on the Chalk Hill School ends without impacting all other elementary age children through a forced redistricting.  Let’s preserve our neighborhood schools and thank the citizens of Connecticut for coming to our aid in this time of great need.   Please consider voting Yes this Saturday.

Jeff Capeci

Legislative Council, District 3

52 Bear Hills Road, Newtown                      October 2, 2013

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Build a school so we can close a school?

You really have to read this a couple of time. The arguement is that if we dont tear down SHS and rebuild it, we will not be able to close another school, likely Redecd as of now, our newest. So we need to build a new school so we can close the next newest. I'm going to have to read this again, does it make sense to you?

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