The Best Things In Newtown

To the Editor:

I thought it would be fun to submit a list of “you haven’t done the best things in Newtown until you have…”

Climbed the interior stairs to the roof of the Trinity Church tower to look at the flag and the rooster.

Looked at the David Merrill painting on the stairway in the town hall.

Walked along the shore of Lake Zoar from the end of Great Quarter Road to the waterfall.

Sat on the bench on the corner of Old Castle Drive to look at the flagpole.

Walked down the path from the bench on the corner of Old Castle Drive to the chapel in the woods.

Climbed up the hill in the fall to the top of park at Great Hill to see the 360-degree view.

Seen the lake from the house at the new state park at the Kazan property on Old Mill Road.

Been inside all the churches and synagogues in town.

Walked across the old bridges at Dayton Street and on Black Bridge Road.

Eaten a pancake at the Rotary’s pancake breakfast in the Elizabeth Hawley Room.

Had a sandwich on the front porch of the Newtown General Store.

Walked the railroad bed along the river from George’s Hill Road to Currituck Road.

Been in the parade.

Swum in both town pools.

Walked through the park at Orchard Hill and seen the waterfall.

Fed the ducks in the pond on Ram’s Pasture and skated there.

Looked at the old gravestones in the Hawley cemetery.

Had ice cream at both shops.

Been to the movies at the town hall and counted the Tiffany lights.

Climbed onto the water cisterns at the top of Fairfield Hills in winter and slide down the hill with your sled.

Been to a nigh high school football game.

Walked down Zoar Road in the fall.

Walked Al’s Trail from the boat launch to Fairfield Hills.

Played the organ at the Meeting House.

Flown a kite on Ram’s Pasture.

Paul Lux

Gray’s Plain Road, Sandy Hook                           November 12, 2004

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