‘Blame Game’ Is An Irrelevant Distraction In Gun Debates

To the Editor:

Recently, a friend sent a Facebook link from the Washington Examiner entitled: “Obama Should Blame Tea Party, Not NRA, For Gun Control Defeat.” He asked for my opinion.  I thought about it for a while before I responded because I wanted to be precise.  I was grateful for both the article, and for the solicitation of my feelings. My own thoughts became more clarified as I wrote the following (slightly edited) response:

 First, I think the NRA leadership is despicable and lacks anything resembling a soul. I believe it no longer functions primarily for its members, but for the gun manufacturers – and has for a very long time. Also, while I think the entire legislature is full of cow chips, I think the Tea Party is extreme, contains many constituents and legislators way out on the fringe, and is dangerous.  Try as I may, I fail to see the stronghold they seem to wield over the majority.

Furthermore, I think the Republican Congress has made a mockery of our system. For 12 members to have held a secret meeting as Obama was taking his first oath of office in January, 2009, and, in doing so, made a pact to obstruct any and all legislation he put forth, is beneath contempt, and I believe treasonous.

So, in a sense, I don't believe it matters who was more responsible for the way the vote turned out. A third ingredient – the Democrats in the Senate are cowards who have behaved like frightened children dreading parental reprimand! Shameful!

I think responsible gun owners have no reason to be worried. There is no slippery slope. I believe that there is no need for “military-style” weapons to be available to non-military folks. I think the Second Amendment is not at issue, and to rally around it, as many have done, is disingenuous (all of a sudden the Amendments become sacred, when none of the same people cared two squats when other Amendments were being skewered?) Hmm...

 I think background checks and limiting the capacity of magazines to 10 or fewer is sensible, not punitive. I agree that the mental health issue is very important, but a separate issue entirely, and that too many guns-rights advocates have used it mainly to deflect the issue away from guns (these same people have long supported the party who not only have denied funding, but also scoffed at “bleeding heart liberals” who were seeking funds to make treatment for mental health issues more readily available and affordable to desperately needy people – both young and old!

Finally – for now at least - I believe many gun owners who speak the loudest about their "God-given rights,” and who refer to the Second Amendment as inviolate, are boys-who-don't-want-to-give-up-their-toys! I know many gun owners (both friends and family) and a vast majority of them support the legislation that was voted down. So, this is as honest as I can be at this point. This issue is about common sense versus dollars and cents.

Michael Luzzi

173 Boggs Hill Road, Newtown                      May 6, 2013

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Thank God liberals are still in the minority

Mr. Luzzi:

You disregard the most logical target of Barack Obama's blame for his gun control defeat...and that would be Barack Obama.

This is a man committed to Socialism, to wealth distribution, to taking from those he deems capable of producing and giving to those he feels incapable of producing. This is a man committed to the slaughter of innocent human lives....before, during and after birth (he's justified circumstances under which ALL are viable candidates for state sanctioned murder).....lest a woman's right to choose, i.e. to snip the spine/inject with saline/evacuate the skulls of the unborn, should be infringed. This is a man who pals around with the likes of Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright....2 of the sleaziest of the America-haters. This is a man with such disregard for the four patriots murdered in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 that he never inquired of his Secretaries of Defense nor State the status of our embassy as it was under siege. He traveled to his Las Vegas fund raiser and concocted another lie for America about a video.

This is a man committed to the destruction of the America for which he has no regard....for its culture, for its leadership, for its excellence, for its liberty....for the America he has never understood and will never understand. He has in mind an America none of us will recognize. It is an America where entitlement is cultivated, where decadence is accepted, where achievement is punished. It is a disgusting America. It is NOT America.

The 12 men to whom you refer are no more guilty of treason for trying to undermine his Marxist policies than are you for expressing support for him. Theirs is a political motivation and God bless them for it. You're entitled to your political views, and they to theirs. They are expected to thwart his efforts, he is their political enemy. But leftists and statists see only their own position as acceptable, disagree and you're guilty of treason. Hopefully his remaining Marxist agenda will fail miserably and he'll leave office with political failures commensurate with the cultural and economic misery he has wrought upon current and future generations of Americans.

The America Obama hates is the America that will not accept his arrogance, his manipulation of the Sandy Hook tragedy, his tawdry political theatrics at the expense of this community. Where was his outrage during Aurora, during Tucson, during Va Tech? His political agenda prevented him from fabricating outrage until after his second term had been secured.

There are so many great things about America, so many things that exist nowhere else in the world...our culture, our freedoms, our founding principles. Obama represents none of it. He is a ghost, a charade created by the 4 pillars of the left....the media, the entertainment culture, academia and the bastions of voodoo science.

No plausible reason exists for entrusting protection of our freedoms to present day Washington. They have spent several decades destroying our liberties and they continue to do so right now. Obama has expressly stated that he views the United States Constitution as a document of negative liberties, a list of what the government CANNOT do....which is exactly what the founding fathers intended. It is Obama's goal to circumvent it in any way he can.

Ensconced in the liberal enclave of the Northeast, it is easy for gun control leftists to feel secure in their vision of a less armed society. But much of the rest of the country doesn't see it your way....they recognize guns as the tool that they are for making bad guys (such as bank robbers, rapists and Marxists) think twice about imposing their will on their victims. You've convinced yourself you have the answers to gun violence. You don't.

God bless the NRA...let's hope their support continues for a long, long time.


Brendan Duffy

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