Brown Bird Musicians Need Help From Fans

Acoustic indie folk band Brown Bird, featuring the duo of Dave Lamb and hometown musician MorganEve Swain, are hoping friends, family, and fans can assist them with unexpected medical expenses that have sidelined the performers for much of May, and possibly longer. 

Mr Lamb was admitted to a hospital in Houston, Texas, May 10, with complaints of fatigue and shortness of breath. An initial blood test indicated he was severely anemic, with dangerously low red blood cell counts. 

"Dave had been fighting and been treated for flulike symptoms for the past six weeks, but until now we were unaware of the seriousness of his condition. Since admittance into the hospital, he has had several blood transfusions, which he is responding to well, and has undergone several tests to determine what is causing his illness. As of yet we still do not have a diagnosis, but are maintaining optimism," Ms Swain wrote in an e-mail to Newtown resident Hayden Bates, who has produced several "Live at ETH" benefit concerts, including one last August headlining Brown Bird. 

The duo planned to return this past weekend to their home in Rhode Island to pursue treatment. 

"For us," said Ms Swain, "canceling shows means not only disappointing our fans and missing out on what we enjoy most, but also going without income. Since the 10th we've already accrued over $29,000 in medical expenses and losses, and will be faced with ongoing expenses once we're home. We love being full-time musicians, but it can be a financially challenging lifestyle, and without health insurance or day jobs to fall back on, our situation is dire." 

A fundraiser has been set up to help Brown Bird pay for medical expenses accrued, and for the projected cost of treatment, at www.youcaring.com/brownbird

"There are unknowns ahead of us and the possibility for needing more is very real, but we promise to keep you updated and are eternally grateful to the support our friends, family, and fans already give us. There's nothing we want more than to be back on the road, and with your help, we could be back out there very soon," said Ms Swain. 

CDs, T-shirts, vinyl, or MP3 downloads can be purchased directly at brownbird.bandcamp.com as another means of supporting the band.

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