Budget Support Requires Your Vote

To the Editor:

I am writing as a resident of Newtown (and not in my capacity as member of the Legislative Council) to share my support of the proposed town budget and to encourage residents to come out on April 22nd to vote “Yes” across the board. The proposed budget will result in no tax increases to the public. Despite the flat mill rate, the proposed overall budget increases both the Selectmen and Board of Education budgets by adding funds for road repair, school security, special education and tax relief for those seniors who are most in need.

The final proposed school budget is almost identical to what the Interim Superintendent requested in terms of services.  The BOE did an excellent job of finding ways to fund many items without increasing our taxes.

The current proposed budget was agreed upon unanimously by all elected officials participating in the budget development process. However, despite this being an extremely sound budget, it will fail if those who support it don’t come out to vote. It would be a shame for the budget to fail especially if the majority of Newtown residents are in favor of it.  I worry that voter turnout will be low if folks deem this budget a “no-brainer” and assume its adoption thus eliminating their need to vote.

Please don’t rely on others to pass this budget for you because they may be relying on you to pass it for them. Please come out to vote on April 22nd.


Neil Chaudhary

1 Southbrook Lane, Newtown                     April 8, 2014

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You have put yourselves in a corner with ever increasing budgets

The pain level is too high. The 2500 no votes are going to turn out, as usual, and there won't be 2500 yes votes who will bother.

You should be used to this by now. What's unusual or bad about multiple budget referendae? It happens a lot more often than not, and it has saved taxpayers millions.

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