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CrossFit RedZone, a fitness center focused on “every domain of fitness,” according to owners Kurt and Kris Kling, has relocated as of April 1, to 3 Simm Lane, Unit A, located just past the Newtown Car Wash. Look for the CFRZ logo on the door.

CrossFit RedZone (CFRZ) occupied a 2,000 square-foot space at 31 Pecks Lane since April of 2012. The move to Simm Lane gives the brothers 5,500 more square footage to provide clients with more workout space and options, as well as ample parking.

CrossFit is a style of fitness that offers an opportunity for each person to work out to his or her fullest potential in group settings. Members can select from up to 13 classes at the center each day.

The new space allows them to offer introductory classes during the same time frame as regularly scheduled classes, said Kurt Kling. Introductory classes give new members personal attention from the trainers as they learn proper techniques that will lead to better fitness and safe exercise.

What makes CFRZ stand out from other facilities, said Kris Kling, is that it is group oriented and always offers a different workout at each session. There are ten fitness domains for optimum health, he explained. Most other exercise programs focus on just two or three of those domains, while CFRZ focuses on all ten within the overall program. Many people mistakenly believe that CrossFit programs are about pushing trucks around, or are of too-high intensity for the average person, Kris said, but the workouts are not overwhelming for even a beginning exerciser. Workouts are as challenging as the individual makes them.

In addition to the main workout area, the Simm Lane space will have a locker and shower area, and a warm-up area, still under construction. Because the Klings believe that nutrition is a key factor to fitness, a kitchenette at Simm Lane will offer prepared meals for purchase, from a nutritional program. The Klings also offer nutrition guidance.

Classes run each day, starting as early as 5 am to as late as 7:30 pm. A full schedule and pricing can be found at www.crossfitredzone.com, or e-mail crossfitredzone@gmail.com for more information.

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