CAGV Agenda Is Counterproductive

To the Editor:

To CAGV (Connecticut against Gun Violence) in response to your recent radio advertisement.

The existence of an organization dedicated to infringing on the right of the people to keep and bear arms is testament to the intelligence and necessity of the Second Amendment. You should try reading it! It ensures your freedom of speech among other things.

Furthermore, advertising in this manner perpetuates grief among survivors and invites copy cats. Accessories?

Your agenda is counterproductive at best, Un-American, and possibly an attempt to invoke civil war!  Your strategy relies on dividing the people and threatens liberty and justice! You have become the aggressor, drawing lines in the sand and forcing Americans to choose sides. Your success would ensure that law abiding citizens are out- gunned by criminals! Your actions are also contradictive to your own mission statement, (see CAGV/ about) “to enhance gun safety.” I would like to enhance dog safety! Using your logic, I should ban big dogs and limit the number of teeth of all others! This would at least have some positive effect as the dog is the actual aggressor in this case as opposed to a gun which has no will of its own.

This is a great disservice to your many very well intentioned contributors and coalition partners too. They deserve better. Their money would have been better spent had it been donated to a local food bank or shelter.

I am all for gun safety! If you can find your way back to your true mission I will donate! But first you will need to redeem the integrity and credibility of CAGV. Completing this checklist might help.

*  Retract all ads mentioning Newtown / Sandy Hook including on your website.

*  Apologize publicly for insensitivity.

*  Apologize to supporters for misuse of their funding.

*  Redirect your considerable resources towards creating effective legislature that does not trample the rights of Americans.

*  Create a “soapbox” law making it a crime for anyone to use specific victims rather than general statistics to forward a political agenda as you have done.

*  Create laws pertaining to media, limiting their “circus” numbers not their access, and when but not what they can report with one exception.

*  Create a law prohibiting publication or airing in any way, the name or likeness of any mass or serial criminal in conjunction with the crimes committed or to otherwise nickname any criminal,(Son of Sam, etc.) The only acceptable terms being “lunatic” or “scum bag”. No more famous criminals!

*  Tougher laws for use of a firearm in the commission of a crime. The tougher the better and your only opposition would be from criminals.

*  Enhance gun safety through education!

When you have completed this list, call me so we can discuss how inappropriate it is to honor or celebrate a three month anniversary of a shooting! (See CAGV homepage/ ALERT). I find this offensive and do not (FB like) it.

Scott Patterson

52 Overlook Drive, New Milford                  March 19, 2013

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Thanks for your concern Mr. Patterson....

....but no thanks. As a Newtown resident, I can tell you that the vast majority of my neighbors and I are aligned with CAGV and their legislative agenda. We appreciate all of their hard work, leadership and guidance and we will continue to support them and work along side of them to reverse the out of control gun violence epidemic in our State and in our Country.

You missed my point....

....but proved another. If I assume correctly, you and the neighbors you speak for were indirectly affected by the shooting. My concern was not for you, but for families that were directly affected and not just geographically close. Do you find it acceptable that three months after a tragedy of this magnitude that surviving family members be subjected to graphic depictions of the violence on the radio? Did you hear the ad?
Note; CAGV has removed the radio ads and cleaned up their website so perhaps you are now out of alignment.
The point you have made clear is that we in close proximity are still reeling. Vulnerable and encumbered by strong emotion, we fall easy prey to those who offer a false sense of hope for a better future. You sir have now been personally victimized.
Dave, you are a good and caring person. Thank you for having the courage to step up to the plate..... but are you certain you are batting for the right team? Gun laws are for guns, criminal laws are for criminals!

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