Camp Bow-Wow and Newtown

To the Editor:

In the month of August, the Sandy Hook Promise organized a visit by staff members and  Therapy Dogs from the Colorado-based Camp Bow Wow.

This organization, which specializes in training therapy and comfort dogs, contacted us and volunteered helping our town deal with the aftermath of December 2012.

The visit was very successful – the Camp Bow-Wow staff members and five dogs arrived at Newtown and toured various locations including the Newtown Police, Newtown Ambulance and Sandy Hook Fire Department. They walked around town, stopped at the Library for Story Time and for a lecture about animal-assisted therapy.

The group hosted three events: reception at the Villa Restaurant, Yappy Hour at My Place and a Bark-B-Q at Dickinson Park.

At the end of their visit they left two Comfort Dogs (Nutmeg and Cashew) to help the people of Newtown.

The success of the visit was the result of hard work of many:

The family of Emile Parker which initiated the program.

The Sandy Hook Promise volunteers Terry Richie, Rachel Dory and staff member Betsy Gaier.

Camp Bow-Wow Founder and CEO Heidi Ganahl.

Laura Roach and the team of handlers from Camp Bow-Wow who came with their dogs.

And a special thank you to Pat Llodra who allowed the Camp Bow-Wow team to visit  Town Hall.

The Camp Bow-Wow group plans on visiting Newtown again In December 2013, and we are looking forward for another emotional event.

Laurie Kilchevsky

Sandy Hook Promise volunteer

9 Equestrian Ridge, Newtown                            September 10, 2013

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