Caring For Some But Not Others

To the Editor:

I wish to bring to the attention of many that while Governor Malloy is being the “oh so caring person” through this journey of gun control and caring that all children here in Connecticut will be safe and out of harm’s way, he continues to allow inmates to be placed in a nursing home just 500 feet from small children and young families in Rocky Hill. His reasoning not to use facilities already waiting in mothball status, is that Connecticut wouldn’t get the $6 million kickback in Medicare benefits.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at this kind of behavior from a politician, but to commit to families that he will do all he can to protect our children from harm and then push such an evil act as this makes my skin crawl. It’s beyond my comprehension of why Governor Malloy would go along with this knowing that the risk of children is very apparent. Oh wait, in the end it’s all about the money isn’t it Governor Malloy?

These are inmates with both criminal records and mental issues. Why does he continue to believe that it’s the guns that do all the evil damage, when in reality it’s the mental state of the person holding that gun, and a person doesn’t need just a gun to bring harm to a child, it can be anything. It’s our mental health issues in this state that are bringing evil, and what does he do! He allows what will be 95 prison inmates to be housed with no security fences or trained security guards to keep these so-called inmates in this facility, within 500 feet of little children. These children play in their yards and now have to worry about someone trespassing and hurting them.

So Governor Malloy, the next time you stand in front of a podium stating how concerned you are of the welfare of the children, you make sure you also tell the people of Connecticut how you are putting the children in Rocky Hill at danger and bringing evil to those young families surrounding that nursing home. Shame on you and all the lawyers and politicians who walk with you on this matter. Sleep well, as the families there won’t be now.

Kathleen Bertig-Karlson

167 Great Quarter Road, Sandy Hook   February 24, 2013

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