Castle Hill Housing Plan Is Out Of Character For Newtown

To the Editor:                                                                               

A recent article in The Newtown Bee [“Cluster Housing Complex Proposed For Castle Hill,” 2/22/13] discussed a proposed new “cluster housing development,” the largest in Newtown “in over a decade.”   The prospect of adding 136 homes, virtually in the center of town, seems to be a remarkably bad idea.  A development of this size will put significant pressure on the town’s infrastructure, add congestion and further erode our limited open space.

I cannot imagine that any measureable percentage of the town’s population would think this is a good idea.  Further, it could help change the character of our town going forward.  The top of Castle Hill is a crown jewel of our town and rather than being used to add homes, we should consider preserving this as open space and help us maintain the character of our community.

Unfortunately, a very bright media spotlight has been shined upon Newtown in the recent past.  Through it, Newtown was described as quaint, rural, and bucolic.  My friends from around the country commented that Newtown appeared to be a great place to live.  I agree and think this proposed development contributes nothing to these attributes.


Stephen Mais

2 Cornfield Ridge Road, Newtown             March 4, 2013

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