Cluster Housing Is Not The Answer For Castle Hill

To the Editor:

I have lived in Newtown for more than 20 years. I grew up less than four miles from my current home on Pumpkin Lane. During those years I rode my bike on streets that all seemed to be named Taunton. I loved this maze of country roads and was thrilled at the opportunity to make my home here and start a family.

A residential zoning change to allow for cluster housing within the Borough of Newtown was quietly implemented in 2012.  That amendment threatens to change the Taunton Lake area forever. An excerpt from Newtown Zoning Regulations states “shall be sensitive to maintaining the rural character of the community and of the neighborhood in which they are located.”

Cluster housing is in complete contrast to the character of the community. Castle Hill affords Newtown residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy the majestic views of downtown including the flagpole, Trinity Church and the Meeting House. Please don't let this area go the way of so many other communities when short term financial gain is the only criteria in the decision process.

Along with many other concerned residents, I ask all parties involved to seek a solution more appropriate for the long term benefit of the town.

Dan Kennedy

1 Pumpkin Lane, Newtown                                  March 11, 2013

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