Community-Based Artwork At Migrant Salon

For five weeks, December 13 to January 18, Migrant Salon will host what gallery director Allison Hornak is calling “an ongoing, cumulative, community-based artwork.”

An installation titled “Do Hold Your Breath” will involve a camera, computer, some cloth, nails and ten minutes.

“To make this piece I need your trust and partnership,” said Ms Hornak. “This will be portraiture with a twist,” she added.

All are invited to visit the salon during its open hours, Thursday through Saturday between 10 am and 5 pm, and have their picture taken.

The gallery will also welcome those who “simply wish to view the work in progress,” said Ms Hornak.

At the end of the five weeks, the salon will host a closing reception where the collection will be presented in its entirety.

Recently opened, Migrant Salon is at 117 Church Hill Road, Suite D (entry is through the lower rear of the building) in Sandy Hook. For additional information call 203-770-8759 or visit MigrantSalon.tumblr.com.


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