Community Forum On Violence Prevention May 13

In a major effort to educate the public on the importance of linking data together regarding 31 school shootings and/or school-related acts of violence and their association with psychiatric drugs, a national parent rights organization, Ablechild, will host a forum on mental health and the importance of informed consent.

The forum scheduled for Monday, May 13, at 6 pm, in Edmond Town Hall will be filmed, and will tackle hard questions that have been ignored by mainstream media, according to the organizers, despite that there are 22 international regulatory agency warnings that have been issued on psychiatric drugs citing effects of mania, hostility, aggression, violence, and even homicidal ideation.

Ablechild has a pending appeal in the State of Connecticut for the release of the medical and toxicology records of the latest school shooter in the mass murder/suicides that are plaguing the nation. Ablechild will host an open discussion on mental health, informed consent, and bridging the data to save lives with an open community discussion.

The forum will be filmed to share with other communities.

“This can happen anywhere and will sadly happen again if we don’t start linking the data together in an intelligent and meaningful way to protect public safety,” says Ablechild board member Michael Montanaro. “During my recent visit to Newtown, it took my breath away to think of the human loss. This forum will help explain to this hard-hit community the importance of collecting the right information to help prevent senseless acts of violence in our communities.”

This friendly forum will allow for a calm, intelligent discussion to exchange knowledge on mental health safety and inspire educated action. As seating is limited, RSVP in advance to Ablechild volunteer Mary via e-mail at myweightcoach@yahoo.com.

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