Demand A Referendum On School Location

To the Editor:

I cannot express enough my indignity, surprise, and alarm at the intention, however noble, of our horn owls to place the location of the new Sandy Hook school at the same location as the one torn down. No doubt, the idea comes from the Freedom Tower replacing the World Trade Towers. Even this edifice stands at a different location. The place of so much suffering both here and in Manhattan cannot be ignored or bypassed. Only a Garden of Remembrance in whose center stands a fountain in remembrance of all the tears shed by all of us can serve as a proper selection for this place. There simply was too much innocent blood shed.

There is all the difference between the 9/11 terror attack and the one here in Sandy Hook. While teachers and other grown-ups will adapt to a new school at the old location, this is not the same as exposing children to this location of horrors beyond belief. Folks, children, especially small ones, have a vivid imagination and some will be affected in traumatic fashion at having to be at this location. We owe it to our children to spare them this experience.

The horn owls of Newtown must not do more damage, even if unintentional. I for one, and I am not the only one, will stand fast for a referendum to decide the location of the new school and will have nothing further to say once the results are known. I believe an issue as fundamental as the welfare of our children deserves nothing less than a town referendum.

To make matters worse, there is now a problem with the driveway of a home standing in the way.

The horn owls look smart, but in essence few birds are and they are not horn owls. The owners of the home were offered $500,000, far more than the house is worth, but refused. Now they will consider an offer of $900,000, mind you consider. They do not want to move having lived there for many, many years.

There you have it, a waste of money, besides the ignominious choice of location. Folks, tell the horn owls you are not going to take it, demand a referendum.

Oscar Berendsohn

34 Appleblossom Lane, Newtown                         December 27, 2013

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