“DNA: The Imprint Of Your Ancestors,” At Next Genealogy Club Meeting

The Genealogy Club of Newtown will hold its next monthly meeting on Wednesday, June 12, at C.H. Booth Library, 25 Main Street. The meeting will begin at 7 pm, and is open to the public. Admission is free, and light refreshment will be served.

This month’s guest speaker will be Nora Galvin, who runs the website Aunt Lizzie’s Trunk. Ms Galvin has spoken in Newtown several times before, and has always been well received. This month her presentation will be “Your DNA Fingerprint: The Imprint Of Your Ancestors.”

DNA has been around the genealogy world for years, and has become a valuable search tool in finding how close one’s relationship to a given person actually is. Ms Galvin’s presentation will cover mitochondrial DNA, Y-DNA, and cousin-finding. Explanations of DNA, DNA testing and who should be tested, which tests to use, and what the results look like all will be covered in her talk.

Some members of Newtown Genealogy Club have had this testing done, and will share their experiences.

This will be the final meeting and program before the club’s summer break. For additional information call 203-426-4533.

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