The Dogs Did It Again!

To the Editor:

Strutt Your Mutt!  2013 was an overwhelming success! We sent home over 200 tired dogs, most of them smiling from ear to ear. In attendance were several well-known names: Romeo and Juliett, MegaTron, Zeus, Snooky and even Miss Daisy.

The event this year was focused on Community Health and Healing.  Our 2K walk around the grounds of Fairfield Hills, was led by Therapy Dogs Intl from Canine Training Behavior Services. At the top of the hill along the upper meadow we paused to take in a priceless view of Newtown, and to blow soap bubbles and send good thoughts aloft.

Congratulations to our Contest Winners and Grand Prize Drawing winner!

Thank you to our vendors who came out and made the day interesting, they came from Connecticut and New York offering goods and services to make having a pet a pleasure. A special thank you to Tacos-Antojitos Mexicanos for feeding the masses!

Our heartfelt thanks go out to our generous supporters: Canine Behavior Training Services, Mt Pleasant Hospital for Animals, Explorer Police Scout Tr. 823, Officers F. Figol and M. Hayes; Newtown Veterinary Services, Pet Aesthetics of Southbury, Sarah Noble Intermediate School, Newtown Juggling & Circus Arts Club and 99Dollar DJ – John Voket.  And a sincere thank you to all of our community Volunteers; Fairfield Hills Authority, the Newtown Parks and Recreation team, as well as the Highway Department for preparing our site so nicely.

We are breaking ground in July and our next community event will be our HOWL-O-WEEN party in the fall.  We expect to have Park and Bark open by then, and we look forward to having Newtown enjoy an off-leash environment like no other!  For photos; more information on park opening and updates of events find us on Facebook and our website www.NewtownParkandBark.org

Kathryn Simonds

Friends of Newtown Park and Bark

58 Riverside Road, Sandy Hook    May 21, 2013

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