Don’t Support Criminals In The Name Of The Second Amendment

To the Editor:

I'm from Louisiana. Less than two hours southwest of Duck Dynasty territory, to be exact, in a little town called Many. I grew up with guns. My dad had guns, my mother had a gun, my brother had a gun. I ate every kind of animal you can name. So here's my take on gun safety.

 Hate to tell ya'll this, but anyone who does not support universal background checks supports criminals. And anyone who does support straw sales and loopholes, well, you support criminals as well.

 Because criminals count on those two methods to get their weapons.

 May sound harsh, but it's the truth - that's what it all boils down to.

 And, by the way, neither of those infringes upon our Second Amendment rights, which, of course, I support as well.


Liz Jackson Sortino

13 Turkey Roost Rd., Sand Hook             April 4, 2013

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Trust the Government?

Just this week in NYC (yess home to Mayor Bloomberg and part of Gov Cuomo's SAFE Act State) the Tampa Bay Buccaneers DE Bowers was convicted of trying to smuggle a gun onto an airplane. Well sort of. He was allowed to plead to Vreach of Peace and pay a $370 fine. this with a weapon/magazine that is now banned!

(for the lkegal purists I know the act was committed before the SAFE Act was passed and not applicable) But there is the Sullivan act (enacted in 1911!) that mandates a 2 year non suspendable sentence.

What makes you think these new laws will do anything to make us safer.

Oh yes, and Mr Bowers only has a violation on his record and can still buy firearms.

Background checks

In all honesty, I'd be fine with full registration, universal background checks, do away with all loopholes, register all ammunition sales, register all magazines, whatever.
IF .... IF....we could trust our government.
That's all I ask.
Get to work on that, and I'll check back with you periodically for updates on your progress.
In the meantime, I've got your back.

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