Echeverria Takes First In Chase School’s Annual Oratory Competition

WATERBURY — Newtown resident Tim Echeverria, a seventh grade student at Chase Collegiate School, took first place in the school’s annual Declamations project, held on January 25.

A signature event in the School’s Public Speaking Program, Declamations are formal speeches presented by middle school students to their entire class, parents, and other guests. Students distil a research paper on pioneers of the sky, land, and sea into a three-minute speech. 

“The research and delivery was impressive for their first Declamations,” said Jason Lewis, head of the middle school.

Other first place winners include Sarah Feldman of Cheshire, Owen Carlson of Watertown; second place went to Michael Nejaime of Torrington; and third place went to Austin Pronovost of Woodbury, Catherine Walsh of Prospect, Lily Turner of Roxbury.

Justin Butler of Middletown, Colin Mariani of Watertown, Layne Carter of Bethlehem, and Pearl Young of Waterbury received honorable mention.

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