Election Day Fireworks?

To the Editor:

A little chuckle as we approach Election Day November 5, 2013.

It was 408 years ago that a gentleman who was dissatisfied with the current government of England was working to make a change.  He was captured as he guarded gunpowder that had been packed in the undercroft to the House of Lords, part of Parliament in London, preparing to blow up the House of Lords. 

The coincidence of date made me chuckle and reminded me that we have the opportunity to change or affirm our government by going to the polls to exercise our privilege to vote.

Perhaps we later celebrate the results with fireworks as in England there will be celebrations of the “Gun Powder Plot /Guy Fawkes Night” with fireworks.

Lyndon Thomas

22 Juniper Road, Newtown                    October 28, 2013

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Good to see you back

Good to hear from you agin Mr Thomas. Your commentary has been missed.

Perhaps like the unfortunate Mr Fawkes we could draw and quarter our dishonest politicians?

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