Enforce The Gun Laws Already On The Books

To the Editor:

I have sat back and watched, read, listened to the ever present discussions in the paper, television and radio in relation to the gun situation here in United States.

My question is this: citizens have you gone to a gun store, and asked for the document (s) needed for the purchase of a handgun here in Connecticut? Note I said bought – not carry that is a different set of rules and laws that we will not get into here.

Once you have these documents in your hand, you will see that most of what you are wanting already are there. These documents were the end result of many laws that are already on the books but for some unknown reason are not being followed by the courts in this country.

Are you aware that even if you are allowed to purchase a firearm, it is illegal to carry it concealed?

The real question again is why the laws on the books are not being followed?

Connecticut has always had strict gun laws, but why are  they not being used by the court systems; instead we are passing laws that are hindering the law biding American.

Finally; if you fail the background test, don't worry, you can still obtain whatever you want on the streets here in the United States. You need not  worry about a permit to carry or to buy. Even if your seller is caught, they will be out and back on the street selling their product to anybody with the necessary funds to obtain a weapon in the very near future.

Bottom line is make the court system follow the laws that are on the books – we do not need to re-invent the wheel (remember the Brady Bill; it was the answer to all gun problems – tell that to the next person who screams for new gun laws.)

Oh yeah, to put an end to the follow-up letters, my children went to Sandy Hook Elementary School – so don't even go there and it's none of your business if I own or use firearms.

John Karlson

167 Great Quarter Road, Sandy Hook   June 14, 2014

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