An Extraordinary Woman Doing Extraordinary Work

To the Editor:

It is a pleasure to announce that the borough, and town folks of Newtown will honor Joan Glover Crick, an extraordinary woman who has done extraordinary work for our community. Cocktail, hors d’oeuvres and the ceremony is this Sunday, September 15, 2013, from 2 – 5 pm at The Inn at Newtown, Proud Mary’s. Please join us, one and all!

Many long time Newtowners know some of Joan’s work and accomplishments, but few know all the wonderful things she has achieved, and continues to achieve. Let me share with you some of my good friend’s services and successes. Indeed she is one of our living legends in the Who’s Who of Newtown. So, here we go:

Lifelong resident of Newtown; 10th Generation Glover, direct descendant of John Glover, a founder of Newtown; Jim and Joan Crick – Grand Marshals of the Labor Day Parade 1996.

Warden of the Borough of Newtown 1988-2009 (first woman executive office holder in Newtown); Board of Burgesses 1980-1988; 2009-Present (Sr. Burgess); Treasurer of Borough 1981-1988.

President of Newtown Country Club 1997-2003 (First Woman President of Club; First Woman President of such a Club in Connecticut); Treasurer of Newtown Country Club 1987-1997.

At Request of Park and Recreation Director of Newtown, Joan organized, directed, and coached the first Recreational Basketball League for Girls from 1970-1981; League honored her with a Yearly Trophy (to date) – Joan Crick Sportsmanship Award

Joan played basketball for four years at Newtown High School, scored 406 points from 1946-1950; Joan was recruited and played college basketball; In 1988, Joan was inducted into the Newtown Sports Hall of Fame for her basketball, leadership and community accomplishments.

Our community is deeply blessed by the vested families rooted here.  Giving back to community seems a given. Joan’s father served on the Board of Burgesses and was the first fire marshal. Her brother, Lee Glover was a long time Borough Burgess and Hook & Ladder Fire Chief. Her grandfather was a two term first selectman (unopposed). Her daughter, Maureen is dedicated to community service, including serving as Clerk to the Borough Zoning.

Yes, it is right and proper to honor such a wonderful person now, even when she has more to give. So on Sunday we will celebrate, and on Monday, she will continue with her pert and vivacious long time community work!  How lucky we all are.  Thanks Joan! We love you!

Please join us on Sunday at Proud Mary’s. Mary Hawley will be smiling.

Sincere regards,

Jim Gaston, Sr


Warden of the Borough

18 Main Street, Newtown                 September 11, 2013

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