Feel The Love

To the Editor:

Living in Sandy Hook since 2007, my family and I have come to love the people and the town of Newtown and Sandy Hook. Still, and forever mourning the loss of our most precious children and friends on that tragic day, my wife and I strive to find deeper love and goodness in ourselves and in others. We truly live and believe that the best things in life begin with love and compassion, are all around us, and are free. Over the past year, which will always feel like yesterday, today, and tomorrow to us, we have found a much deeper meaning in our lives and in our beliefs, which drives us to support, honor and love those around us even more.

To honor our precious children and friends, those that have lost the most, and all others who feel the same as us, or even those who want to be converted into a life of love, my family would like to offer free hugs to all! A simple human gesture that means so much, brings people closer together, and bonds us by saying through touch “I am with you, I am here for you, I am you.”

In the evening during the week of 12/9, the day of 12/14 and for as long as our legs will hold us for that matter, we will be at the four corners of Sandy Hook to offer anyone who needs a true, meaningful, warm and loving free hug!

Your children... Our children, your friends... Our friends, will never be forgotten!

Gary & Karla Collesian

Alex, Camila, and Gabriel

119 High Rock Road, Sandy Hook             December 5, 2013

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