Finding The Right Words

To the Editor:

Sitting at a desk and starring at a keyboard with an intense desire to write a letter of support for the SHS vote this Saturday is the easy part. Finding the right words to express how important you believe it is to vote Yes and attempting to appropriately encourage others to do the same is difficult.

So much has been said and done by so many people and there are so many perspectives that it all becomes difficult to balance. It’s also the reason why the path forward can appear blurred. But speaking for our family, the direction is clear. Newtown is a wonderful place to live and SHS is at the heart of that community. It always has been and in our opinion, always should be.

Please consider supporting the Sandy Hook School project this Saturday.

We will be voting yes.

John and Tara Kortze

25 Hundred Acres Road, Newtown            October 2, 2013

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