First Responders Get Strength And Conditioning Instruction

John Hofman and Mark Roozen, tactical strength and conditioning coaches, traveled from California to instruct a three-session, two-day workshop — a Tactical Performance Training clinic — at Newtown Youth Academy on Saturday, June 21.

The goal of the clinic was to have first responders gain a better understanding of the different exercise needs, health and fitness strategies while performing their duties and able to cope with the stress of their profession and day to day hazards.

Much of the clinic was hands on, but the lecture material gave information on nutrition, easy workout combinations to increase capacity to handle on the job stress, and more.

Demonstrations showed ways to increase hip and thoracic spine flexibility as well as training for the demands of first responders’ jobs and helping to alleviate injuries. Attendees jumped into exercises, learning new techniques and performance movements. They learned techniques to use kettlebells and a weighted sled barrow. Kevin Cleary, a strength and conditioning coach, offered pointers during the event.

“Our first Tactical Training clinic went well,” Cleary said. “Although our expectations for attendance weren’t met, the reviews afterwards were very encouraging. We had attendees from fire, police, military and ambulance groups from as far away as Long Island, and Fairfield.”

Hofman and Roozen are looking forward to coming back to conduct another clinic January of 2015.

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