Flying Kites At The Summit Of Holcombe Hill

Rising high above wooded hills in the western section of town, the cleared expanse at the summit of Holcombe Hill affords a 360-degree view of the surrounding terrain, where ridge upon ridge recede to the horizon.

Holcombe Hill, which has the highest elevation in town at 830 feet above sea level, is in the Holcombe Hill Preserve, an 86-acre parcel protected from development by its owner, The Newtown Forest Association (NFA), a local land trust.

The summit provides views of three counties. The hilltop holds NFA’s headquarters.

The cleared area atop the hill provides an ideal spot to fly kites, when considering that the site catches winds from all directions. There are 30 acres of hayfields.

At noon on Saturday, May 31, the NFA sponsored a Family Fun Hike. Participants were encouraged to bring their kites for the event.

Dr Aaron Coopersmith of NFA led the hike, pointing out notable features of the property to fellow hikers.

The threatening skies that day, which earlier had dropped some rain, may have deterred some families from attending. But those who did hike, enjoyed the ease with which kites can fly at the summit in an area unobstructed by trees.

Among those flying kites on Saturday was Leo Tranquilli, age 3, of Sandy Hook.

Though small, with some help from family and friends Leo ably flew a colorful kite atop Holcombe Hill which rose, fell, and tracked across the sky as the winds shifted below threatening skies.


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