Foundry Kitchen And Tavern Hosting Avielle Foundation Fundraiser

Foundry Kitchen and Tavern, at 1 Glen Road in Sandy Hook, is hosting a cocktail party to benefit The Avielle Foundation. The gathering will take place on Monday, April 21, from 5 to 11 pm, in the restaurant’s Warner Loft. 

With guests’ support, ticket proceeds will be donated to The Avielle Foundation, a local, nonprofit organization that is actively working to prevent violence by conducting brain health research, education, and by fostering community-based initiatives for the health, wellness, and protection of loved ones.

“I find that supporting local organizations, especially ones like The Avielle Foundation, is extremely rewarding,” said Foundry owner Chris Bruno. “They are working toward progression and change within our community and I would be ill-advised if I didn’t do my part to help advance this organization’s touching and heroic mission.”

The Avielle Foundation was founded by Jeremy Richman and Jennifer Hensel, who developed the organization as a means to pay homage to their daughter Avielle, one of the 12/14 victims. Infinitely distraught by this heartbreaking event, Jeremy and Jennifer dedicated themselves, along with a collection of their peers, to bring about change in an effort to stop a tragedy such as this from happening to any community ever again.

“Our ultimate goal is to prevent violence through neuroscience research and community education because no one is capable of preventing violence without first understanding it,” said Mr Richman.

They have designed their foundations as a two-pronged approach to interpret and prevent violent behaviors: first, by recognizing brain pathologies that lead to aggression and violence, and second, to foster community initiatives to apply these understandings for the further protection of loved ones.

Guests who register for this event will dine on gourmet hors d’oeuvres, sample South African wines, and will be able to bid during a fundraising auction to further benefit the research of The Avielle Foundation.

There is a $100 charge per person for this event, of which the proceeds will go directly to the nonprofit charity. Those interested in attending can register online at foundrykitchenandtavern.com.

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