Great Care For A Venerated Cat

To the Editor:

How do you begin to say thank you for outstanding veterinary care and compassion given to our pets? About 10 years ago, we adopted a cat, Ivy, from Mt. Pleasant Hospital for Animals.  Pregnant at the time, she had been dropped off with them, to help her find a new home.  Ivy stayed at Mt. Pleasant until after the birth and weaning of the kittens.  Not only did she nurse her own kittens, but several other newborn kittens who had been orphaned and dropped off at Mt. Pleasant.  She was nicknamed “mama cat” by Dr. Vali.

Ivy brought so much joy to our lives.  She loved “her brothers” – our sons Jeff and Scott – and stuck to them like glue.  Ivy passed away last week due to lymphoma.  She had been very sick for many years and several times, we didn’t think she was going to make it.  Dr. Vali and his wonderful staff took such good care of her over the years, getting her through each remission of the disease, and she lived a lot longer than we had hoped she would.  As my husband said “these are the types of people you want caring for your pets.”  Thank you Dr Vali and Staff – God Bless You.

Karen Keating and Family

7 Oak Ridge Drive, Newtown                      May 28, 2014

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