Gun Control Advocates Exploit Sandy Hook

To the Editor:

Sandy Hook is my home, and the tragic day of December 14, 2013 still emblazons my heart with grief. My mother, who was a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary for almost a decade tells about the perfection of that little elementary that I remember as the most perfect learning environment for a budding young scholar. That is why the actions of the psychopath that is Adam Lanza are inexcusable and inexplicably evil. Our community is in pain, and we should find our own ways of dealing with these occurrences instead of using this travesty for political agendas.

The Newtown Action Alliance, as referenced in many recent articles including (Newtown Activists Shift Focus to House of Representatives September 18, 2013) is a special interest group that petitions on Washington in attempts to pass legislation that will make acquiring a firearm much more difficult. I for one have no problem with special interest groups, however, what troubles me to no end is the fact that This “Newtown Action Alliance” is capitalizing on the travesty of Sandy Hook as a way to push forward their agenda. In my opinion, the Sandy Hook School shooting was a result of one psychopath that got his hands on firearms. Changing legislation to make it harder for American citizens to acquire firearms which we have a right to own would not solve anything.

The mantra that my defense is based on is evil individuals, criminal organizations, and terrorists will get their hands on firearms no matter what legislation is. This is because people who are truly trying to cause harm will get firearms no matter what the feds have to say about it. Estimates say that 10-20 percent of all arms that are circulated every year are illicit. With all of these illegal firearms in circulation it is inevitable that some of these weapons will end up in undesirable’s hands. Why then, should legislation put a burden on the upstanding American Citizen who just would like to practice his Second Amendment rights?

One argument that I have heard profusely is that gun owners are the vast minority. Or untrue statements such as “the only people that own guns live in Texas.” To disprove this farce, I cite a national survey conducted by Gallup that estimated that 40-45 percent of the households in the United States have at least one gun in the home. With the 307 Million people living in the United States, this equates to 47-53 million households. A far larger number than many people in the area ascertain.

In conclusion, illicit weaponry is prevalent in the United States and our government isn’t doing much to stop it. Therefore, taking the weapons out of the upstanding patriots’ hands will not solve anything. It will just lead to more anger and a separation between the government and her people.


Kevin Dennis

37 Mountain Manor Road, Sandy Hook                     October 2, 2013

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One wrong is still wrong

Bad guys have been around since the first knuckle dragger smashed the second knuckle dragger with a rock. The only thing that stopped it, was another knuckle dragger with a bigger rock.
Here are a few modern examples. muzzlefront.com/guns-will-never-stop-violent-criminals/

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