Help Light Up The Season (Safely)

To the Editor:

Soon the town festivities will begin with the lighting of the town Christmas trees and luminaria to excite and inspire us for the upcoming holiday season.

What began 29 years ago in the Ram Pasture with a few hundred people is now numbering into several thousands and the logistics of getting to the site often requires  creative planning for parking, walking and crossing busy roads as people hurry both to the event or home from work in their vehicles.

The police are very aware of the fact that many of us are exposed to traffic while walking – sometimes in the dark –  on the streets and roads  that get us to the tree lightings.

They provide excellent coverage  in the event areas but let’s face it…..they cannot be everywhere.

Regarding Ram Pasture, in order to maximize our safety as we walk, we suggest parking at the Middle School (approved by Dr Reed) and enjoying the luminaria lit walk along Glover Avenue to The Pasture.

Lt. Simko of the Newtown Police Department urges anyone who may end up parking and walking on dark roads to carry a flashlight.  Walking from Dickinson Park would be such an example.

So, collect those flashlights and place them in your vehicles now.

Please Everyone, be safe!

Diana Johnson & Janet Woycik


Newtown Christmas Tree & Luminaria Committee

(26 Parmalee Hill Road, Newtown        November 26, 2013

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