Introductory Presentation On Transcendental Meditation

The Fairfield County Transcendental Meditation® Program in conjunction with the David Lynch Foundation is offering an introductory presentation on the Transcendental Meditation Technique Thursday, December 19, at 6:30 pm, in the meeting room of C.H. Booth Library, 25 Main Street.

The Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple, natural program for the mind to experience a more settled state, increasingly quiet and silent levels while it remains alert. In this state of restful alertness, the brain functions with significantly greater coherence and the body gains deep rest for the release of chronic and deep stress. Visit www.tm.org for more information on the TM technique.

The David Lynch Foundation was established in 2005 to fund the implementation of scientifically proven stress-reducing modalities, especially the Transcendental Meditation technique, for at-risk populations and high stress circumstances. Some of the groups benefitting are inner city school students; veterans with PTSD and their families; American Indians suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high suicide rates; incarcerated juveniles and adults; people participating in reentry programs striving to overcome addictions and other stress related conditions. Visit www.davidlynchfoundation.org for more information on their on-going programs.

Contact Kathy Connor at kconnor@tm.org or 203-257-8682 for more information on the program at Booth Library.

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