JFK Redux: What We Now Know For Sure

To the Editor:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” – Joseph Goebbels

 Fifty years after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the airways recently have been inundated with documentaries and “tributes” to the president slain “that day in Dallas.” Several government investigations, and more than 2,000 books over the last five decades, have examined what has been referred to as ”The Crime of the Century.” What I have suspected for over 35 years has finally been confirmed: There will be no impartial presentations by any of the major outlets regarding the “Lone Nut” vs. “Conspiracy” debate; the Emmy goes to … “Oswald Did It By Himself.”

Except that he didn’t!

How do we know? One reason is because there is an overwhelming amount of credible and documented evidence to the contrary. This information is available in scores of well-researched, meticulously footnoted books; however, you will have a difficult time locating reviews – or even mention – of most of these by the mainstream media. And the documentaries? Try the internet, mail orders, video stores, or certain public libraries. You won’t find many contradictory conclusions on the televised presentations.

Another surprise is the liberties with facts taken by the producers of these programs, which are rife with omissions, innuendoes, misinformation, unverified accusations, and half-truths taken out of context. But, if one is only peripherally familiar with the details of this tragedy, or unaware of the trajectory of the “official version” over time – that the powers that be have been unable and unwilling to be derailed by challenges of legitimate proof to the contrary, by popular opinion, or by the sanctity of the truth – then, it is easier to accept such a lopsided falsehood.

If you were to know only one fact about JFK’s murder that would certify a conspiracy, it is this:   Dr Allen Childs, who was a medical student at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, relates the following during an interview about his recently released memoir, We Were There: Revelations from the Dallas Doctors Who Attended to JFK on November 22, 1963: “I have reported herein the doctor’s words regarding the neck wound. My account clearly reflects their unanimous view at that time that it was an entry wound….”

Also, google “The Umbrella Man” to see two men (by the Stemmons Freeway sign) whose behaviors defy explanation just before and just after witnessing the president shot in the head about 15 feet away. Everyone else is reacting to the horror: people scrambling, ducking, screaming; dozens running by, to the grassy knoll area directly behind these two. But they sit calmly below the sign. Huh?

Supporters of The Warren Commission findings say that people can’t accept that one “loser” like Oswald could change history as he did all by himself.  Wrong.  What we can’t accept is that the official version on record is a deliberate lie…. That’s the real conspiracy.

Michael Luzzi

173 Boggs Hill Road Newtown                   November 20, 2013

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