June 13 Event In Washington, DC, To Commemorate 12/14

Newtown Action Alliance, a local grassroots organization committed to reducing gun violence, is sponsoring an all-day event in Washington, D.C., Thursday, June 13, to demand that Congress vote on and pass comprehensive background checks. The events will commemorate the six-month anniversary of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

A thunderclap campaign will take place at 9 am, June 13. A thunderclap is a social media crowd-sourcing event, and can be accessed at www.thunderclap.it/faq.

A group led by Newtown Action Alliance will visit with Congressional members throughout the day to deliver a letter, as well as a list of victims of gun violence since 12/14/12. The letter will demand a vote on and passage of background checks legislation. Numerous gun violence prevention groups from all over the country will sign the letter.

 Starting at 9 am, there will be a No More Names reading (www.nomorenames.org) that will read the names of victims of gun violence since 12/14. At noon, Newtowners will read the 26 names of the lives lost at Sandy Hook, immediately followed by the formation of a human ribbon, the Ribbon of Remembrance, with everyone wearing green, and a moment of silence.

The Newtown Action Alliance encourages the public to attend, and help with delivery of the letters, as well as take part in the Ribbon of Remembrance, and will provide transportation and accommodations for Newtown area residents. Tentative plans include leaving Newtown the morning of Wednesday, June 12, and returning late on Thursday, June 13. More information and registration can be found at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGZoT05qRnJ6ajBIeXh....

According to information provided by Newtown Action Alliance, 4,500 more Americans have died from gun violence since 12/14.

The Alliance also encourages those who are unable to attend the June 13 events in Washington, D.C., to sign up for and promote the thunderclap via social networks, and to contact representatives and demand expanded background checks.

For additional information on Newtown Action Alliance, visit www.newtownaction.org.

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