Kick Back And Enjoy Some Ice Cream On Saturday With Ben’s Lighthouse

The first week of school can be fun, stressful, exciting, nervous and exhilarating all at once, for students, teachers, and parents alike. At the end of the week, everyone needs to unwind, share their stories and — since it is still summer — eat some ice cream.

The folks at Ben’s Lighthouse want to help. They have teamed up with Ferris Acres Creamery to provide free ice cream to anyone who visits Trinity Episcopal Church this Saturday afternoon between 1:30 to 4:30.

The ice cream will be scooped by some of Newtown’s favorite teachers, town leaders, local clergy and business leaders, and others.

In addition, members of Newtown Kindness will provide free lemonade and lemonade stand kits, while A Bead of Roses, CT Music Therapy, Emerald Sketch Art Therapists, Ben’s Bells, and the REACH program will provide activities for kids of all ages. Comfort dogs will be there for hugs and members of Newtown Juggling & Circus Arts Club will provide their unique brand of entertainment.

Many of the high school students and chaperones who participated in this summer’s Ben’s Lighthouse trip to Oklahoma will be around, too. Look for the special #HelpingIsHealing shirts and ask them about their experiences meeting and helping victims of May’s devastating tornados.

The custom 20-foot lighthouse that has become the official beacon for Ben’s Lighthouse has returned to the church’s front lawn at 36 Main Street.  Everyone will again be invited to make their mark on the chalkboards and white boards to celebrate a beautiful day with friends and neighbors.

“We see this as a homecoming of sorts,” says Paget Haylon of Ben’s Lighthouse. “Many people were able to take a much-needed break this summer, but now we get to gather again to revel in the camaraderie and spirit that makes Newtown so great.”

Ben’s Lighthouse is a grassroots organization created to support the children of Newtown for years to come. The Ice Cream Social is the second in an ongoing series of community events, following an enormously successful Lighthouse Festival in June. Through these events, along with local and long-distance service projects like the Oklahoma Workcamp, and upcoming regular programs and workshops for kids of various ages, Ben’s Lighthouse will continue to support the town and its children through the long-term healing process.

For more information on the mission of Ben’s Lighthouse, see www.benslighthouse.org.

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