Let’s Make It ‘One And Done’

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of the municipal and education budgets and want to encourage all Newtown voters to vote in the budget referendum on Tuesday, April 22.

As a parent, I want to share my support of the education budget, in particular.  I believe that this budget continues to maintain the wonderful programs in our district, such as full day kindergarten, a new elementary math curriculum, the Second Step social curriculum, Readers Writers Workshop for K to 8th grade, diverse course offerings at the high school including AP courses and supporting the special education needs of students. Diverse and enriching educational programs will continue to attract families to the Newtown public schools.

Interim Superintendent Dr. Reed and First Selectman Llodra also worked together to propose School Security Officers (SSO) for our schools.  SSOs are retired Connecticut police officers who will be assigned to each school to replace the current Newtown Police Officers who are working overtime to secure our schools.  I support this long term plan to provide a secure learning environment for our children.

Just as we support Newtown’s children when it comes to sports, music and theater events, let’s support our children by voting “Yes” at the budget referendum on April 22 at Newtown Middle School between 6 am and 8 pm.  Let’s make it “One and Done” and pass the budget in one referendum!

Thank you,

Karyn Holden

Berkshire Road, Sandy Hook               April 16, 2014

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One and done, that's no fun

2 or 3 at least. Lets get negative real spending. 2,500 perpetual no voters can't be wrong.

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