Letters of Endorsement

To the Editor:

My name is Mary Jane McNamara, and I am writing to state why I am endorsing Ann Lobosco-Benore for town clerk in the November 2013 elections.

I have known Ann for 12 of the 13 years I have lived in this town. I have had the pleasure of working with Ann for the Town of Newtown and have also stood on the sidelines with her while our sons played youth football. We then got the pleasure of watching them play together at Newtown High School – Go Hawks .  Ann was also the person who showed me the ropes for the administrative side of youth football when my husband took over as president.

I can explain why I think Ann Lobosco-Benore is an excellent candidate for the position of Town Clerk in four easy points:                Ann has excellent organizational skills – shown by the unprecedented events she coordinated to help in the distribution of donations; Ann has an excellent reputation for the work she is currently doing for the Town of Newtown in the Department of Social Services; Ann has an excellent understanding of how the town works and will bring new and creative idea’s to the office of the town clerk offering a more efficient and organized service for the residents of the Town of Newtown; Ann has one of the most important qualities necessary when working with the public and that is her compassion for the human spirit.  Ann has been quietly assisting many families above and beyond her responsibilities with Social Services because it is in her heart to do so.

I hope you feel as I do that the qualities that I have listed are what we are hope our elected officials all possess  and I do know that if you vote for Ann Lobosco-Benore this November for town clerk will be a step in the right direction.


Mary Jane McNamara

16 Brandywine Lane, Sandy Hook             September 30, 2013

To the Editor:

I would like to endorse Neil Chaudhary for Legislative Council in District 3.  Neil has an uncanny ability to explain complex issues in a way that makes sense to everyone—and I appreciate his willingness to explain topics related to budget, taxes, revaluation and town plans in a clear concise manner.

I suspect his professional life spent explaining complex statistics and experiment results to lay people helps him in this aspect.  From my conversations with him I know that common sense describes his mode of thinking and I would like to see him return to his current seat as a District 3 representative of the Legislative Council!

Frank and Lauren Milano

4 Hoseye Coach Road,  Sandy Hook                           October 9, 2013



To the Editor:

This letter is to share my support of Neil Chaudhary for council. I have had the pleasure of discussing town issues with Neil on several occasions.  I am most impressed with his basing his thoughts on facts.

We don’t always agree but I know when we debate issues he is always willing to listen to my opposing views and really consider them without just assuming his way is the only way.  From what I have seen—he approaches his current role on the council in the same manner—going in with an open mind and letting the facts guide his thinking.  Vote for Neil!

Matt and Kelley Mozelak

5 Winton Farm Road, Newtown                  October 9, 2013

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