Librarians Make The Library

To the Editor:

Books don’t make the library—librarians make the library!

Newtown is incredibly lucky to have unusually dedicated, knowledgeable librarians who are willing and able to answer all kinds of questions, find just the right book for the right occasion, and take special care of the people they serve. With a smile!

Now that the library’s trustees have chosen a new director, this summer’s changes have seemed—to us, as patrons, residents, and friends of the library—both precipitous and heavy-handed. We worry that the special relationship between the C.H. Booth Library and the town will be wrecked by insensitive, premature decisions about reorganization, staff changes, and departmental moves.

Remember, it’s the librarians who face the public every working day. They are the face of the Booth Library, and its heartbeat. Let’s take our time with any further changes and be sure that any changes are implemented only after careful investigation, discussion, and agreement among stakeholders. We owe it to our librarians and to our town to make careful decisions that are in the best interests of all. 


Marian & Wally Wood

62 Great Ring Road, Sandy Hook September 4, 2013

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