Library Board Needs To Reconsider

To the Editor:

We have lived in Newtown since 1968, raised two children here, and I taught 33 years in our school system. The Cyrenius Booth Library has been a constant source of learning, fine reading, pleasure and friendship. Now that my husband and I are retired, the library seems like an extension of our home.

Since Janet Woycik’s departure though, the atmosphere is changing. In the first place, I share Gerald F. Finnegan’s displeasure by moving Janet’s portrait in the far corner of the shelves on the second floor of the library [“Pursuing The Portrait,” Letter Hive, 8/9/13]. We want this changed! Loyalty demands that the portrait be displayed in a prominent place.

Secondly, Mr Finnegan’s last statement in his letter to The Bee now seems like a prophecy. Indeed one of our valuable personnel has already been fired — just because a young board-pleasing parvenu, who wants to feather his cap, has decided to make changes without regard for what this represents and how it affects people’s lives.

Yes, of course we want to embrace technology, but tablets will never ever, replace an Andrea Zimmermann with her charm and knowledge. We want her back now.

What are the marching orders for the new director? Chaos? Dissatisfaction? Well, they have it.

Without a doubt, this young man will soon move on to better pastures, having destroyed the continuity of style and services at the library.

The C.H. Booth Library is the finest in the area — a jewel in this town. So, build upon it and most importantly, respect and leave the staff alone.

We urge the board members to immediately look at their chosen candidate and reconsider their poor choice.

Nicole E. Morris

15 Glover Avenue, Newtown                        August 14, 2013

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