LIFE Workshop, Saturday At Cannon Ridge

Recent studies show only 20% of Americans are happy in all aspects of their life.

Which percentage are you a part of? Looking for a change? Feeling stuck? Wishing for better job, success or more enjoyment in your life?

Cannon Ridge Training Center will host Live Ignited, Fearless & Excited (LIFE) on Saturday, March 8, at 9:30 am. Participants will learn how to turn the mundane into the amazing through an “interactive and transformational workshop.”

Discover your top five passions with The Passion Test. Understand how to align your life with them.  Learn the formula to overcome the fears, obstacles and self-doubt preventing you from success.

Cost for the three-hour workshop is $45 per person, and reservations are requested. Visit www.welcometoyouramazinglife.com, call 203-300-2988 or send email to welcometoyouramazinglife@yahoo.com.

Cannon Ridge is at 3 Simm Lane in Newtown.


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