Lighthouse Festival To Involve Entire Newtown Community

Over 100 community volunteers have signed up to help bring smiles to Newtown’s children and families at the 2nd Annual Lighthouse Festival, sponsored by Ben’s Lighthouse. The volunteers will guide visitors through the myriad activities taking place at the festival this Saturday, June 14, from 10 am to 4 pm, at Trinity Episcopal Church, 36 Main Street.

“If it’s anything like last year, we’ll have dozens of other people show up at the event saying ‘How can I help?’” says Mary Chamiec-Case who, along with Carla Tischio, is organizing the event for Ben’s Lighthouse. “It truly shows what a wonderful community this is.”

Ben’s Lighthouse adopted the hashtag #HelpingIsHealing after last year’s festival. The organization expanded that mindset beyond Newtown’s borders when they brought 19 teenagers to Oklahoma to help in the repairs from devastating tornadoes. This summer, Ben’s Lighthouse is bringing 20 teens to Colorado to help in the recovery from last September’s terrible flooding that wiped out neighborhoods and communities.

“The Newtown community wants to help,” says Rick Haylon, chairman of Ben’s Lighthouse. “We want to help each other and we want to reach out to others in need. Ben’s Lighthouse gives Newtown’s children and families a chance to do just that.”

Saturday’s Lighthouse Festival, themed “Safe Harbors,” will feature activities for kids of all ages.  Musical performances by Flagpole Radio Café, Newtown Youth Voices, Francine Wheeler and Students, and the Trinity Choristers will highlight each hour, while demonstrations of nautical devices, knot tying and marine creatures will provide ongoing entertainment throughout the day.

Emerald Sketch Art Therapy, Connecticut Music Therapy, US Coast Guard, Norwalk Maritime Center, Newtown Juggling & Circus Arts Club, Dance Etc., Graceful Planet, Sandy Hook Arcade, Eli Whitney Museum, Pepperidge Farm, Comfort Dogs and Sara Hoagland Hunter (author of Lighthouse Santa) will be among the organizations and individuals contributing to the fun.

Admission to the festival is free.

Trinity Church is near the flagpole on Main Street. This week, passersby have been able to find the church thanks to the return on June 8 of the 20-foot tall interactive lighthouse that was constructed last year to serve as an icon for Ben’s Lighthouse.

For more information, including an updated scheduled of the day’s planned activities,  visit benslighthouse.org/lighthousefestival.

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