Local Teacher Presents At NEA ‘Raise Your Hand’ Event

DENVER — Newtown resident Katherine Doerr Morosky, who teaches with Connections Education, was one of nine educators from across the country who were nominated to participate in the National Education Association (NEA) Raise Your Hand: Empowered Educators event, held July 2 at the Colorado Convention Center.

Ms Morosky and her colleagues represented New Voice Strategies as VIVA (Vision Ideas Voices Action) Teachers, past participants of a VIVA Idea Exchange.

“It is real honor to attend this convention and attest to the importance of amplifying teachers’ voices with collaborative technology,” said Ms Morosky.

During the NEA event, an annual national gathering of educators and education professionals, the VIVA Teachers demonstrated how amplifying teacher voices is an essential part of strengthening the education system and developing future policies; they described how participating in a VIVA Idea Exchange has helped them gain valuable expertise that has benefited their local schools and districts, as well as shaped national education policy.

“This is first and foremost about something even more important than teacher voice — student welfare. We know that best way to support students is to listen to the wisdom and experience of the people teaching them every day. We are excited to work with NEA in bringing together teachers from across the country to develop a beautiful vision for the youth of America,” said Xian Barrett, New Voice Strategies vice president of engagement, in a statement before the event.

As a part of the presentation, the VIVA Teachers launched a new VIVA Idea Exchange on 360 accountability. NEA is inviting all of its member to join an online dialogue to determine how all aspects of the education system can be assessed and held accountable to ensure that students get the best possible education.

The VIVA Idea Exchange is a three-step process developed by New Voice Strategies to dramatically increase participation of diverse stakeholders in important public policy decisions. It begins with an online conversation, brings together the most active and engaged participants to develop recommendations, and puts those individuals in a room with decisionmakers who can make policy change.

Learn more about the Raise Your Hand: Empowered Educators Day at NEA.org/raiseyourhand.

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